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Title: 重疊詞音韻構詞交錯研究---以漢語方言為範圍
A Study on the Interaction of Phonology and Morphology---From the Reduplication in Chinese Dialects
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本篇研究試圖以優選理論制約排序的理論架構來分析漢語方言重疊詞中音 韻和構詞交錯現象。從現代音韻構詞理論來看,將重疊詞的產生視為一種詞綴 化歷程,而重疊複製部份是一韻律單位。而就重疊詞的形式而言,完全重疊者 是音韻構詞成分都相同,部分重疊者則是音韻部分有了變化,如漢語方言中。 如東勢客家語的重疊結構的變調和非重疊詞的連讀變調不同;或如漢語崇明方 言的重疊式,除了連讀變調不同其他詞,聲母也會產生變化。針對這些重疊詞 中構詞和音韻交錯現象,優選理論分析要點是音韻結構制約與照應制約排序不 同所致。重疊部分之形式選擇有限,是因為結構制約排序高,以致以不顯著的 形式出現;而部分重疊或是重疊詞特別的音韻現象,是因為重疊部份和複製詞 幹照應、詞幹和基底形式照應,這兩組的影響力比較大的緣故。 本篇研究初階段以漢語方言為主要分析範圍,除了擴展性的重疊詞外,也 將合音詞的構詞音韻現象納入分析。就優選理論而言,這兩類詞彙的產生均由 上述幾類制約排序而生的。將先行從多年來漢語方言調查的成果中收集相關語 料,建立一資料庫。再按現象分為數種重疊類型,分別從音段音節結構和超音 段聲調變化討論,以為重疊詞之機制提出分析。
The study aims at the interaction of phonology and morphology within the framework of the Optimality Theory as formulated by McCarthy and Prince (1995), Kager (1999), etc.. There would be a database of the reduplicated words in Chinese dialects built up first. The reduplication is proposed as the process of affixation and the reduplicant would be a prosodic unit, such as a mora, a syllable or a disyllabic foot. However except the total reduplication, the special phonological phenomena showing up in the partial-reduplicated words are due to the higher-ranked markedness and correspondent constraints, which correspondent relations between Input-Output, Input-Red, Base-Red. Thus we do not need templatic model. In this study the main data are from the previous investigations on the Chinese dialects. Beside the reduplicated words, the contracted words would be considered and analyzed through the Optimality Theory, too. The differences are owing to the different rankings of the relevant constraints. The data would be organized to several types and would be discussed both from segmental/syllabic structures and the supersegmental level . Among the constraints: MAX-IO, MAX-HEAD(B/R) � PHONO-CONSTRAINTS � MAX-BR, the undominated prosodic BR-faithfulness constraint can specifically determine the content and the crucial element of the reduplicant. Therefore, the dominated markedness constraints can properly control the size of the reduplicant.
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