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Title: 道教內丹的思想類型及其意義--以唐代鍾呂《靈寶畢法》為論述核心
The Thinking Model and Its Meaning of Inner Alchemy about Taoist Priests Chung-Lu's Work in Tang Dynasty
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2010
Publisher: 臺灣宗教學會
Abstract: 本文希望針對鍾呂內丹經典《祕傳正陽真人靈寶畢法》進行文獻分析,以討論其哲學意涵。筆者主要藉由三個主題作論述。首先透過與傳統的儒釋道三家思想做對照,以凸顯出內丹思想關於「人」的獨特見解,可以稱得上是一種對於「人」的新定義、一種「人觀」。其次則分析內丹思想體系中陰陽五行等等概念,在內丹修煉的過程中,具有工具理性的理論性意義,而這些概念體系,最終還是會被解構式地加以揚棄。最後闡釋內丹的實踐功夫,涉及「身體」與「技術」的概念,重心放在討論其存有學的意義。
The purpose of this article is to figure out the philosophical meaning of the scripture “Ling-bao bi-fa” by analyzing the text. The process of discussion is mainly developed in three aspects. First of all, the special opinions on human being which we can find them in Chung- Lu’s work will be highlighted by comparison with three Chinese intellectual traditions. And them could be recognized as a new definition of human being, a viewpoint on human being. Secondly, the contents of these ideas of Yin-Yang & five phases etc. in the system of inner alchemy would be confirmed. And then we will find that these ideas would at last be deconstructed and abandoned because of their pragmatic meaning. Finally, I try to illuminate practical effort of inner alchemy which refers to the body and technique, in order to discuss their meanings of ontology.
ISSN: 2076-9458
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