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Title: 在傳統與現代之間---晚清狹邪小說敘事研究
Between Tradition and Modernity---On Narrative of Courtesan Novels in Late Qing
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 晚清時期處於世變階段,古代小說創作的文體性質因而產生了過渡與轉變的現 象。其中魯迅在《中國小說史略》分章專論「狹邪小說」作為一種類型或流派的藝術 表現,頗為值得注意。基本上,依研究統計所知,有關狹邪小說作品數量現存可見者 約有四、五十餘部,可謂篇幅卷帙浩繁,亦顯見其流行程度,足以構成特殊時期中的 一種文學現象或文化現象。不過,由於歷來論者對於狹邪小說的創作評價不高,以致 於相關研究多僅僅圍繞幾部較為著名的作品,其他所論不多。為求深入理解晩清狹邪 小說創作現象的根本價值,本計畫擬立足於敘事分析之上,並進一步參考文化詩學研 究理念進行綜整性的探討和詮釋,以求深入了解狹邪小說的文化價值和詩學價值。
The late Qing dynasty was in a stage which change fiercely, thus the nature of literary style of traditional novels appeared the transitional and transformational phenomenon. In a chapter of monograph of "A short history of Chinese novel”(《中國小說史略》), Lu Xun(魯迅) discusses the performance of “Courtesan Novels” as one kind of type or the school artistic, which quite be worth paying attention. Basically, knows according to the statistics of research, related the quantity of Courtesan Novels which extant are fourty or fifty remainders approximately. All the “Courtesan Novels” are numerous and popular and constitute one literature phenomenon or the cultural phenomenon in the special time. Because discussing is always not high appraisal regarding Courtesan Novels, and bring about studies merely revolve several more famous works. In order to ask the thorough understanding the basic value of the phenomenon of Courtesan Novels, this project plans to base on narrative analysis, and further refers to the research idea of cultural poetics to carry on synthesis entire the discussion and the interpretation, and get thorough understanding about the cultural value and the poetics value in “Courtesan Novels”.
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