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Title: [韓邦慶]《海上花列傳》的書寫性質及其話語表現
On the Nature of Writing and Expression of Discourse about "Flowers of Shanghai"
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2011
Publisher: 國立臺北教育大學語文教育學系
Abstract: 在中國近代小說演變史上,韓邦慶所撰《海上花列傳》是晚清「狹邪小說」的上乘之作。時值晚清世變之際,《海上花列傳》之成書與出版,有其特殊的時空意義。不過從歷來關於《海上花列傳》的討論中可見,論者多熱衷於題材內容的現代性闡釋,而略於整體話語構成的分析。基於上述認知,本文回歸文本分析的基礎上,進一步論析《海上花列傳》的書寫性質及其話語表現。主要論述面向有三:一、演義書體:「奇書」創作系譜的聯繫;二、回憶錄:現實與夢的互文指涉、三、海上風月:浮世繪下的慾望展演和道德反思。
In the evolution history of Chinese modern novels, "Flowers of Shanghai" (《海上花列傳》) written by Han Ban-qing (韓邦慶) was one work of a high order in "courtesan novels" (狹邪小說) during the late Qing dynasty. When late Qing dynasty was at the time of era change, "Flowers of Shanghai" the book in circulation and publication has its special significance of era. However from always about "Flowers of Shanghai" in discussion obviously, people crave the explanation on theme content, but neglect the analysis on skillful form. The whole results still reveal the insufficiency in the inquisition of the aesthetics of novel. Based on the above cognition, I will enquire the narrative of "Flowers of Shanghai", and provide individual interpretation in the discussion.
ISSN: 1561-378X
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