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Title: 論《碧雞漫志》的詞學觀
On the Theory of Ci in Wang Zhuo's Essay at Bi Ji
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2008
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Abstract: 王灼的《碧雞漫志》,是宋代第一部系統完整的詞論。其詞論的主要觀點是承襲儒家傳統的詩論觀,以詩言「志」的價值,做為詞之內容的價值。而詞體所賴以產生的音樂,雖是隋唐以來新興的燕樂,但卻特別強調「中正」、「古意」等詞樂思想的傳播。又由於王灼所面對的時代,是趙宋王朝初渡江南的政局,因此王灼選取蘇軾的詞作做為典範,意欲藉詞之傳播以正立人心,形塑一個新的詞學價值理論。此外,王灼關照到詞人所屬的流派與品第問題,引「知人論世」之法,進入詞學批評的領域。王灼於《碧雞漫志》中的視界,無疑是迥異於之前的李之儀、李清照、鮦陽居士等人的論述,其詞論:《碧雞漫志》,實為宋代的詞學批評界豎立重要的標竿。
Wang Zhuo's(王灼)Essay at Bi Ji (碧雞漫志) is the first systematic theory of Ci(詞) . The main idea of the work is a continuation of the Confucian tradition of theory of Shi (詩) : Shi expresses intention(志 Zhi) , likewise Ci expresses intention. The accompanied music which generated the genre Ci , though being the newly emergent Banquet Music(燕樂) from Suei and Tang(隋唐) Dynasties, in his ideas should emphasize the qualities of Mean(中正) and Classicism(古意). Because his time is the time of the beginning of the newly emigrant South Sung Dynasty, he therefore sets up the Ci of Su Shi(蘇軾) as examplars in order to establish the model of proper mentality in Ci for a new evaluation theory of Ci. Besides, he concerns also the questions of schools and statures in Ci, hence the methodology of Mencius's“Knowing a Person by Knowing the Time”(知人論世) is introduced by him into the realm of Ci criticism. The visions and horizons of Wang Zhuo's Essay at Bi Ji (碧雞漫志) indeed are altogether different from the discourses of his predecessors: Li Zhi-Yi(李之儀)、Li Qing-Zhao(李清照)Tong Yang Householder(鮦陽居士), and his Essay at Bi Ji (碧雞漫志) is truly a milestone of Ci criticism in Sung(宋) Dynasty.
ISSN: 1019-6706
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