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Title: 臺灣河口的北方呼喚招潮蟹之族群遺傳結構
Other Titles: The Genetic Structure of Uca Borealis Crane of Taiwan
Authors: 盧怡萍
Issue Date: Jun-1997
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學生命科學學系
Department of Life Science, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究使用同功酵素探討臺灣地區之北方呼喚招潮蟹族群遺傳結構。總共測試了四個地區的族群樣本,在檢測的十一種同功酵素,十四個基因座中有十二個是多型性。分析結果顯示,族群中異合度之觀測值接近理論值,分別為0.135及0.139,多型性基因座所占百分比為42.9%,平均每個基因座有1.8個對偶基因。F-統計分析結果顯示族群內的個體傾向於隨機交配,西海岸各族群幾無分化。根據這些結果可以推測北方呼喚招潮蟹的族群遺傳結構是:族群間可能藉由浮游性的幼蟲達成有效的基因交流,降低了族群間的分化程度。
 The genetic survey of Uca borealis of Taiwan confirmed low genetic structure among four sampled populations (Fst=0.047). Greater genetic variation within species was observed compared to the other crust-aceans (H=0.139 vs. 0.073). Gene flow appeared high when estimated indirectly (Nm=5.07). The results suggest that the patterns of genetic structure of U. borealis were influenced by the interaction of local selection due to habitat differences between western and northeastern estuaries and gene flow among populations along coastal areas.
Other Identifiers: F8A5E375-DEFB-9B39-86E2-A98B9CC0E6AB
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