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Title: 臺灣產八角茴香屬花粉之研究
Other Titles: Studies on Pollen Grains of Illicium in Taiwan
Authors: 呂勝由
Issue Date: Dec-2009
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學生命科學學系
Department of Life Science, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究觀察臺灣產八角茴香屬植物(Illicium) : 紅花八角(I. arborescens) 、大武八角(I. daibuense)、白花八角(I. philippinense)、粉紅花八角(llicium sp.) 、及東亞八角(I. tashiroi)花粉形態。臺灣產八角茴香屬植物具單粒花粉,花粉粒為扁平球形至扁球形,極面觀可見相當接近的三溝或於極面有匯合的合流溝,花粉外壁雕紋為網狀紋;形態上的差異在於極面匯合與否。紅花八角與粉紅花八角的花粉為叉狀合流溝粒,大武八角、白花八角與東亞八角的花粉為三溝粒。
The pollen morphology of Illicium in Taiwan, I. arborescens, I. daibuense, I. philippinense, Illicium sp., and I. tashiroi, was studied. Pollen grains of Illicium in Taiwan were monads, varied from oblate to oblate spheroid. The polar view were tricolpate or trisyncolpate. The sculpture of pollen grains was reticulate. Colpi in the pole faces was diagnostic characters of pollen grain of Illicium spp. In Taiwan. Pollen grains of I. arborescens and Illicium sp. were trisyncolpate. Pollen grains of Illicium daibuense , I. philippinense and I. tashiroi were tricolpate.
Other Identifiers: E9D0766A-5D57-4D00-FA7A-193D6D7B22A6
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