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Title: Spiders of the Genus Metleucauge (Araneae: Tetragnathidae) from Taiwan
Other Titles: 臺灣產長蹠蜘屬蜘蛛之訂正(蜘蛛目:長腳蜘科)
Authors: 陳世煌
Issue Date: Jun-1999
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學生命科學學系
Department of Life Science, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究針對臺灣產之長蹠蜘屬(genus Metleucauge Levi, 1980)蜘蛛進行廣泛採集並詳細比較,結果顯示本屬蜘蛛在臺灣共有三種,即褐腹長蹠蜘(M. chikunii Tanikawa, 1992)、金比羅長蹠蜘(M. kompirensis (Boesenberg et Strand, 1906))和高山長蹠蜘(M. davidi (Schenke1, 1963)。臺灣以往所記載之眼鏡長蹠蜘(M. yunohamensis (Boesenberg et Strand, 1906))證實為褐腹長蹠蜘之誤判,應從目前名錄中暫予刪除。就本屬蜘蛛在臺灣的地理分布而言,褐腹長蹠蜘廣泛分布於本島海拔2,500公尺以下之山區,其北部和中部低海拔山區之部分族群與金比羅長蹠蜘為共域分布(sympatric distribution)。而高山長蹠蜘主要分布在海拔2,000公尺以上之高山地區,目前所知只有在阿里山(海拔2,200公尺)與褐腹長蹠蜘為共域分布,未發現與金比羅長蹠蜘有共域分布的情形。
The spider genus Metleucauge Levi, 1980 in Taiwan is revised in which three species are recognized: Metleucauge chikunii Tanikawa, 1992, M. kompirensis (Boesenberg et Strand, 1906), and M davidi (Schenkel, 1963). A diagnostic key for Taiwanese species is provided in this paper, and each species is also redescribed and illustrated. Metleucauge chikunii is widely distributed through out the whole island below 2,500 m in altitude, and is sympatric with M. kompirensis in the low mountain areas of the northern and central Taiwan. Metleucauge davidi is restricted in the high mountain areas above 2,000 m in altitude, occurs sympatric with M. chikunii at least in Alishan, but is allopatric with M kompirensis in Taiwan. Metleucauge yunohamensis (Boesenberg et Strand, 1906) previously recorded from Taiwan might result from a misidentification, which then should be temporarily excluded from the species list of Taiwan.
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