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Title: 臺北市陽明山區五種壺菌之調查
Other Titles: Five Species of Rhizidiaceae Isolated from Yang-Ming Shan District of Taipei
Authors: 何孟娟
Issue Date: Dec-1996
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學生命科學學系
Department of Life Science, NTNU
Abstract: 自台北地區採集之水樣及土壤,以二葉松花粉、草葉、賽珞芬、亞麻種子和頭髮等五種餌物誘釣壺菌,並將釣到的壺菌純化培養,經觀察及鑑定後,共得一科二屬五種,分別為毛囊囊壺菌(Phlyctochytrium chaetiferum Karling)、尖絲囊壺菌(Phlyctochytrium acuminatum Barr)、霍爾囊壺菌(Phlyctochytrium hallii Couch)、節囊根生壺菌(Rhizophydium nodulosum Karling)和球孢根生壺菌(Rhizophydium sphaerotheca Zopf)。其中節囊根生壺菌為臺灣新記錄種。
This paper describes five species of monocentric chytrids isolated from Yang-Ming Shan, northern district of Taipei. They are namely Phlyctochytrium chaetiferum, P. acuminatum, P. hallii, Rhizophydium nodulosum, and R. sphaerotheca. Among these, Rhizophydium noduliosum is reported as new to Taiwan.
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