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Title: Observation on the Epidermal Stomata of a Cup-Like Gall of Litsea Acuminata (Lauraceae)
Other Titles: 一種Litsea acuminata (Lauraceae) 葉片杯狀蟲癭表皮氣孔之觀察
Authors: 楊曼妙
Issue Date: Dec-2008
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學生命科學學系
Department of Life Science, NTNU
Abstract: 本文以掃描式電子顯微鏡觀察Litsea acuminata葉上一種杯狀蟲癭的表皮之形態與結構。此蟲癭在任何生長階段,其表皮都無正常形態之氣孔,且其表皮都比葉表皮平滑。在幼年階段,其表皮出現網線,沿著網線分佈連串小裂縫,其大小介於16.5×6.7μm2-23.3×20.0μm2之間,此時看不到裂縫下之洞隙。隨著蟲癭增長,裂縫變更大更深,其大小介於20.2×21.0μm2-24.9×17.1μm2之間,此時其裂縫下之隧道狀網路洞隙完全曝漏。迄今尚不知道這些隧道狀網路洞隙是否與蟲癭光合作用之空氣交換或與癭內蟲呼吸有關。
Scanning electronic microscopy was used to observe the morphology and structure of the epidermis of a cup-like gall of Litsea acuminata (Bl.) Kurata leaf. No regular stomata were found in the epidermis of galls at any growth stages and the epidermis of the gall is smoother than that of the leaf. At the young stage, a series of little cracks, with the size of approximate 16.5x6.7 μm2-23.3x20.0 μm2, line up along an axis and no underneath hole could be seen in the cracks. As the gall grows older, the little cracks further rip open wider and deeper, with a size of 20.2x21.0 μm2-24.9x17.1 μm2, and an underneath tunnel-like network was exposed. It is unknown whether or not the tunnel-like network plays any role in the function of air exchange for photosynthesis or insect breath.
Other Identifiers: BEC5ED58-4756-07CF-03D6-3AD2DEF07DE8
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