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Title: 臺北市立動物園員工血清弓蟲抗體盛行率
Other Titles: Seroprevalences of Antibodies to Toxoplasma gondii in Taipei Zoo Employees
Authors: 廖泰慶 宋念潔 費昌勇 林大盛
Albert-Taiching Liao, Nien-Chieh Sung, Andrew Chang-Young Fei, Dah-Sheng Lin
Issue Date: Jun-2011
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學生命科學學系
Department of Life Science, NTNU
Abstract: 弓蟲感染非常普遍,在經濟及公共衛生上很重要。為了探討弓蟲症在臺北市立動物園員工的流行病學,本調查利用乳膠凝集試驗偵測血清弓蟲抗體盛行率。另外,亦進一步分析血清弓蟲抗體盛行率與員工性別、年齡、工作年資、與園內動物接觸頻率、飼養寵物與飼養寵物種類的關係。以問卷調查取得這些資料,並以統計學證實問卷調查的再現性。在224 位自願受檢員工中,血清弓蟲抗體陽性者有19 位,盛行率為8.48%。其中男性陽性有11 人 (9.48%, n=116),女性有8 人 (7.41%,n=108)。以統計分析員工的性別、年齡、工作年資及與園內動物接觸頻率和血清弓蟲抗體盛行率的關係,發現皆沒顯著相關。本研究亦發現員工飼養寵物與寵物的種類和血清弓蟲抗體盛行率在統計學上並無顯著相關。本研究為首篇調查臺灣動物園員工之血清弓蟲抗體盛行率的報告。
Toxoplasma gondii infection is widespread and is of economic as well as public health importance. To investigate the epidemiology of toxoplasmosis in Taipei Zoo employees, the seroprevalences of antibodies to T. gondii were measured using latex agglutination test. In addition, the relationships among seroprevalences of antibodies to T. gondii and employees’ sex, age, duration of service, frequency of animal contact, pet ownership, and different species of pet ownership were further analyzed. These data were obtained by questionnaire of which reproducibility was confirmed by statistics. Among 224 volunteers, 19 were positive in T. gondii antibody with seroprevalence being 8.48 %. Eleven males (9.48%, n=116) and 8 females (7.41%, n=108) were positive. Statistical analysis indicated that no significant differences were found among the seroprevalences of T. gondii antibodies and employees’ sex, age, duration of service, or the frequency of animal contact. Employee’s pet ownership and pet species were also found to be no statistically significant difference with the seroprevalences of T. gondii antibodies. This is the first report of survey on the seroprevalences of T. gondii antibodies in zoo employees in Taiwan.
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