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Title: 黃槐(Cassia surattensis L.)雄蕊與雌蕊形態變異對結實之影響
Other Titles: On the Seed Production and Variation of Flower Morphology in Cassia Surattensis L.(Leguminosae)
Authors: 徐嘉君
Issue Date: Jun-1999
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學生命科學學系
Department of Life Science, NTNU
Abstract: 此篇研究以臺南市內整年開花之豆科植物黃槐為材料;選結實率較高的成大校園內植株和結實率較低的校園外東寧路兩旁植株樣本,利用掃描式電子顯微鏡檢(SEM)、花粉活性測試等方法,探討雄蕊與雌蕊形態變異對結實率之影響。結果發現校園內樣本的花瓣化雄蕊出現比率(0.55%)較東寧路樣本(0.34%)為高,但變異花藥的花粉活性並未完全喪失,其花粉不具活性比率校園內樣本(16.7%)也較東寧路樣本(13.7%)為高,其傳粉者- -熊蜂(Xylocopa sp.)在兩地均有觀察記錄;東寧路樣本的雙雌蕊變異程度(15%)遠較校園內樣本(8%)為高,且東寧路樣本較校園樣本的雌蕊容易脫落,其比率分別為42.5%和0%;此外,由SEM可觀察到東寧路樣本的雌蕊有明顯柱頭孔萎縮、阻塞及胚珠發育不良的情形;初步推論,雌蕊的變異和整體品質是影響黃槐結實率的因素之一。
The stamen and pistil morphological variation and its effect on seed production in Cassia surattensis L. were compared between plants cultivated at university campus and traffic road-side. The flower morphology was observed by scanning electron microscopy and the viability of pollen was examined by Alexander's stain. The percentage of petaloid stamen and aborted pollen were higher in campus (0.55 %, 16.7%) than road-side (0.34%, 13.7%). The pollinator, Xylocopa sp., was observed frequently at both place. The percentage of di-pistil was higher in road-side (15 %) than campus (8%), in addition, the pistil was easy falling in road-side sample than campus one, and there were a series of problems in pistil of road-side sample, such as. thrinkage or plug of stigmatic orifice and abortion of ovules. The quality of pistil is the major effect on seed production.
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