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Title: 墾丁國家公園臺灣梅花鹿(Cervus nippon taiouanus)磨樹及其對當地林木之影響
Other Titles: Rubbing of the Formosan Sika Deer (Cervus Nippon Taiouanus) and Its Effects on Trees in Kenting National Park
Authors: 陳順其
Issue Date: Dec-1999
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學生命科學學系
Department of Life Science, NTNU
Abstract: 墾丁國家公園經多年復育臺灣梅花鹿(Cervus nippon taiouanus),至今已野放50頭於社項地區。過去常見梅花鹿會以角磨樹,為了解此行為對當地植物可能之影響,自1996年12月至1998年6月進行調查。結果顯示有55種植物,430採被磨,其中有45棵在第2年重複被磨。主要被磨樹種包括相思樹(Acacia confusa)、稜果榕( Ficus septica )、南洋竹(Banbusa beecheyana)、血桐(Macaranga tanarius)、紅柴(Aglaia formosana)、過山香(Clausena excavata)及銀合歡(Leucaena glauca)等,此與樹幹不大、被磨之部位較直且少有分枝有關。有14種30棵被磨致死,數量佔總數之0.2%,死因除整圈被磨似環狀剝皮者外,亦有結合其他因子如病蟲害或強風吹斷致死。磨痕出現之位置及數量與該區食源等級成正比。磨痕處遮蔽度介於40至80%之間。磨痕出現之時間為10至4月,以11至1月較多,與繁殖季節有關。
Fifty Formosan Sika deer (Cervus nippon taiouanus) were released to the field at She-ting area after years' restoration in Kenting National Park. Rubbing trees by deer were sometimes observed. To learn its impact on trees a study was carried out from Dec. 1996 to Jun. 1998. The result showed that 475 trees from 55 species were rubbed. Among them 45 trees were rubbed on both years. The main rubbed species were Acacia conJusa、Ficus septica、Banbusa beecheyana、Macaranga tanarius、Aglaia Jormosana、Clausena excavata and Leucaena glauca. Rubbed trees seem to have some characters in common such as straight trunk, small circumference, and less branching. Thirty trees from 14 species died from either complete ring striping or subsequent disease infection from scmping wounds. The number of death took a toll of 0.2% of the total investigated tree population. The number of rubbed trees in each location was positively related to the potential food sources in that location. The crown cover at rubbing sites was between 40 and 80%. Rubbing was found between Oct. and Apr. with peak activity from Nov. to Jan. that was related to deer rutting season.
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