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Title: 一種臺灣產近管蛛屬蜘蛛之新種(蜘蛛目,近管蛛科)
Other Titles: A New Species of Genus Anyphaena from Taiwan (Araneae,Anyphaenidae)
Authors: 陳世煌
Chen, Shyh-hwang
Huang, Wen-juen
Issue Date: Dec-2010
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學生命科學學系
Department of Life Science, NTNU
Abstract: 本文描述台灣近管蛛 (Anyphaena taiwanensis sp. nov.)為台灣蜘蛛之新種。台灣近管蛛之體長較武夷近管蛛(Anyphaena wuyi)為小,而形態構造上則與本屬之普及近管蛛(Anyphaena pugil)最相似,其主要區別為:雌蛛外雌器之中溝前方較寬,並有一對圓斑在外雌器後方;雄蛛觸肢腿節的前側棘排成一列,觸肢器之中突呈長片狀。廣泛分布於台灣2000~3000 公尺的高山地區。
Anyphaena taiwanensis sp. nov. is newly added to the spider fauna of Taiwan, which is distributed in the high mountains beyond 2000 m in altitude. The body size of A. taiwanensis is smaller than that of A.wuyi Zhang, Zhu et Song, 2005, another species of Taiwan. Anyphaena taiwanensis most resembles A.pugil Karsch, 1879 but can be distinguished from the latter in female epigynum by having a wider anterior part of the middle furrow and a pair of rounded markings situated at the posterior part of epigynum, and in male by having the palpal femur spines arranged in a row and the bulb with a long and lamellar median apophysis. Both sexes of A. taiwanensis are described and illustrated in the presentpaper.
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