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Title: 儲存條件對連珠蕨孢子活力的影響
Other Titles: The Effect of Storage Conditions on the Spore Viability of Aglaomorpha Meyeniana Schott. (Polypodiaceae, Pteridophyta)
Authors: 柯佳妏
Issue Date: Dec-2006
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學生命科學學系
Department of Life Science, NTNU
Abstract: 連珠蕨為臺灣稀有蕨類,可經由人工進行有性繁殖以達到離地保育之目的,而有性繁殖成功與否與其孢子活力息息相關,蕨類孢子活力受到儲存處理影響甚鉅,本研究檢視連珠蕨孢子在六種儲存條件下(21~29℃乾儲存、21~29℃浸水儲存、0~6℃乾儲存、0~6℃浸水儲存、-30~-20℃乾儲存和-80~-74℃乾儲存),儲存10個月間每個月的孢子發芽率,探討儲存條件與時間對孢子活力的影響。結果顯示經過10個月的-80~-74℃乾儲存,孢子發芽率仍達90%;21~29℃浸水儲存10個月後發芽率85%,但是有30%的孢子會在黑暗儲存中發芽;21~29℃乾儲存在10個月後,孢子發芽率降至6%;在其餘三種處理中,孢子經過1個月儲存後幾乎都已喪失其活力。
Aglaomorpha meyeniana Schott. is a rare fern in Taiwan. It could be propagated by artificial sexual reproduction for conservation ex situ. However, this successful reproduction is related to its spore viability, which is greatly affected by the storage condition. In this study, 6 conditions, i. e., -80 ~ -74℃, -30 ~ -20℃, 0 ~ 6℃, and 21 ~ 29℃ of dry surrounding, and 0 ~ 6℃ and 21 ~ 29℃ of water immersed, were used to store spores of Aglaomorpha meyeniana. The viability of those stored spores was detected by their germination rates every month. Results showed that germination rates were 92%, 85%, and 6% for spores stored under -80 ~ -74℃ dry condition, 21 ~ 29℃ water immersed condition, and 21 ~ 29℃ dry condition, respectively, after 10 months storage. However, 30% stored spores germinated when they were immersed in water at 21 ~ 29℃. Almost all spores which were stored under other three conditions lost their viability.
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