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Title: 動態幾何系統的概念工具
Other Titles: The Conceptual Tool in Dynamic Geometry System
Authors: 左台益
Tai-Yih Tso
Issue Date: Dec-2012
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
office of teacher education and careers service,NTNU
Abstract: 本文所討論之主要議題為動態幾何軟體(Dynamic Geometry Software, DGS )所提供之工具概念與所呈現之圓形意義,以及此二者和數學意義的建構之間相互影響關係。資訊科技融入教學為數學教育研究的趨勢之一,也是數學教學實務發展重點之一。資訊科技或由此研發之數學軟體(如DGS , DAS 或DSS) 均強調動態多媒體互動表徵的功能。妥善運用資訊科技設計教學內容、學習工具與表徵形式為此領域實務與研究的三個主要元素。此文即將以動態幾何軟體為例闡述此三要素的功能、意涵與建構數學概念的交互關條。
The main issue of this paper is to discuss the conceptual tools and the figural meaning provided by the dynamic geometry software as well as the interaction between constructing mathematical meaning and tools.Information technology fits into teaching is one of the trends for mathematics education study.It is also a focal point of the practical development of Mathematics education. Both information technology and the Mathematics software generated from it, such as DGS, DAS, and DSS, are emphasizing the functions of Dynamic Multimedia Interactive Representations. Using Information Technology properly to design teaching contents, learning tools and forms of representations are the three key elements for research and practice of this field. This paper will take Dynamic Geometry s。Software as an example to express the functions and the meanings of the three elements, and also the interactive relationships between the above two and the construction ofMathematical concepts.
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