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Title: 師資生的工作價值觀與生涯定向研究
Other Titles: The Study Of Work Value And Career Decidedness of Pre-Service Teacher
Authors: 吳淑禎
Issue Date: Mar-2012
Publisher: 師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service
Abstract: 本研究置在調查師資生的工作價值觀與生涯定向(包括生涯安過程度與生涯未定向影響因素) ,進而比較不同背景費項師資生在主要研究費項的差異,以及工作價值觀對生涯定向的預測力。研究以臺灣師範大學學生為母群,經立意取樣抽取200名師資生為對象,回收175 份問卷,回收率達87.5% 。經描述統計、變異數分析、相關及迴歸分析,取得主要研究結果有四,其一:師資生的工作價值觀以「會互動」、「尊嚴取向」、「組織安全與經濟取向」為前三項重視的價值觀;而在生涯定向表現方面, r 定向」與「安迪」程度,皆在中等以上程度;另外,生涯未定向的影響因素,則以「雙趨銜突」、「焦慮猶豫」、「自我認識」三項因素為最高。其二,不同背景費項的師資生其工作價值觀以及生涯定向的表現(包括安迪、生涯未定向原因)皆連顯著差異。其三,工作價值觀與生涯定向(含安過與未定向原因)之間,計有18個構面達到顯著相關,顯示二者之間有一定程度的關聯性。其四, r 組織安全與經濟取向」與「自我實現」二個價值觀構面對生涯定向可達11% 的預測力;而「安過」及二個未定向原因「環境資訊」和「雙趨街突J '對生涯定向可達58.7% 的解釋量。根據結果,本研究提出相關建蟻,作為師資生生涯輔導之參考。關鍵
This study is designed to investigate the pre-service teachers' work values and career orientation (which include career well-being degree and the factors of career indecision), and then compare the differences of main research variables of the pre-service teachers from all backgrounds and the predictability of work values for career orientation. The study takes Taiwan Normal University students as the mother group; through purposive sampling it collected 200 pre-service teachers as objects. 175 questionnaires were distributed and the return rate reached 87.5%. After conducting descriptive statistic and ANOVA, correlation and regression analysis, four main research results were obtained. First: the most emphasized three work values are " social interaction", "dignity orientation" and "Organizational security and economic orientation"; as of the performance in the career orientation, the degrees of "orientation" and "well-being" are above average; besides, the three factors "double approach conflict", "anxiety hesitate" and "self-awareness" show highest performance in career indecision factors. Second, pre-service teachers from different backgrounds perform differently in work values and career orientation (well-being and career indecision factors show significant differences as well). Third, about correlations between work value and career orientation (including well-being and indecision factors), there are 18 dimensions reach significant correlations, which indicate a certain level of correlation between the two. Fourth, the two values "organizational security and economic orientation" and "self-realization" contain 11% predictability in career orientation, when the indecision factors "well-being", " environmental information" and "double approach conflict" explain 58.7% of career orientation. According to the results, the study proposed relevant suggestions for future reference of career guidance for pre-service teachers.
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