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Title: 國立臺灣師範大學學生對師資培育課程修習認知與意願調查研究
Other Titles: A Study of National Taiwan Normal University Students' Cognition and Willingness to Attend the Teacher Education Program
Authors: 周愚文
Issue Date: Dec-2010
Publisher: 師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service
Abstract: 本研究旨在瞭解國立臺灣師範大學學生對修習師資培育課程的認知與意願。採問卷調查法,計回收1,538份間番。資料以描述統計進行分析,結果顯示:選擇就讀臺師大的各項原因中,「培育的師資有競爭力」以及「師資培育名額較他校多」二項與師資培育有闋的因素,占33.5% 。雖然有高達94.4% 的大一學生知道目前要成為中學教師並不容易,但分析大一學生從入學到師資培育的抉擇歷程顯示,有50.8% 的學生有意願,而且若要受試者在「填答當下」做決定,則高達80.4%表示有意願。選擇師資培育課程的前三項理由,則分別是「多一個就業選擇」、「可增加就業競爭力」、以及「個人志趣」;而「教育專業」、「國際化」、「多元化」則是受試者最期望學校建立的特色,其次受試者最希望自己在修習師資培育課程期間,提升「表達和溝通能力」、「外語能力」、以及「領導能力」等。
The aim of this study is to explore the cognition and willingness of attending teacher education program (TEP) for National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU)freshmen. 1,538 subjects responded the survey. Descriptive statistics were used for data analysis. The results addicted: "The qualification of TEP has strongercompetion for the future" and "NTNU has more TPE quota", were the main reasons to choose NTNU, account for 33.5%. Although, there are 94.4% of studentsunderstood it's not easy to become a high school teacher, but in the process of choice, more than half of freshmen were willing to take TEP; and if let them makedecision right now, 80.4% will apply TEP. The main reasons for choice were: "more job choice", better competition for job-seeking", and "personal interest".As to the expectation, participants hope NTNU to build up its characteristics: such as: "education profession","internationalization" and "diversity", and they hopeto empower their abilities, such as "abilities of expression and communication", "foreign language" and "leadership".
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