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Title: 臺南地區靈寶道壇〈無上九幽放赦告下真科〉文檢的仙曹名稱與文體格式考論
The Study of the Titles of Transcendents and Formats of Taoist Petition-Wushang Jiuyou Fangshe Gaoxia Zhenke--At Lingbao Taoist Altar in Tainan
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2006
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Abstract: 本文以台南地區道教二朝以上齋儀演行的〈無上九幽放赦告下真科〉文檢為例,先闡釋文檢中「三天門下」、「泰玄都省」與「風火驛傳」三組詞彙的意涵、來源以及作為仙界公文機關的職能,考論其道經的傳承與轉化六朝至唐代相關政府官署的關係;以具顯道教齋儀放赦文檢得自三天至尊賜赦,三天門下省名義轉頒,泰玄都省負責執行遣發,並召請相關功曹驛吏傳達的程序內涵。其次再探討這七件頒赦文檢的文體意涵,認定三件符命、二份關文與〈赦書〉皆屬下行文,其中「赦書」實質體式應接近「敕牒」功能,而〈放赦九龍榜〉應屬上行「申榜」性質。再者,分析頒赦文檢稱「式」、用印以及批朱、花押與平出的格式特質,以瞭解其與古代公文書的關係,以及正一派靈寶道壇的傳承規矩。
Based on the example of a Taoist Petition, Wushang jiuyou fangshe gaoxia zhenke〈無上九幽放赦告下真科〉, which is commonly used at two-days funeral rituals in Tainan, the author explores the function of such a religious document. The author explains the meanings of “disciples of three heavens,” “Capital official of Taixuan,” “deliver of Wind and Fire,” and investigates their origin and function in transcendent documents. This article explains the denotation of Taoist Petition and investigates its origin and transformation from Six Dynasties and Tang bureaucracy. The documents of denotation of Taoist Petition should be bestowed by three heavens, and disciples of three heavens announce the denotation. Thereafter, the capital officials summon celestial officials to deliver the denotation. The author also explores the meanings of seven denotations of Taoist Petitions and claims three pieces of talismanic orders, two pieces of pass permits and denotations are order documents. The format of the denotations is close to the chi-dei document and the announcement of denotations of nine dragons is close to petition. The author further analyses the format of shi, seals, red signs and signatures in order to understand the relationship between Taoist Petitions and ancient documents as well as the transmit ion of the Zhenyi Lingbao Taoist altar.
ISSN: 1019-6706
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_B0119_01_006
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