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Title: 漢語伴隨介詞歷時演變研究
A Diachronical Study of the Comitative Preposition in Chinese Language
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 本計畫先設定「於(于)」「與」「及」「以」「從」「即」「就」「將」「共」「同」「與同」「和 (合)」「替」「跟」「向」「暨(眾)」「連」「隨」十八個介詞能表「伴隨」義,運用義素分析 法與比較法,尋繹各自的語義屬性與語法功能。並檢測這十八個介詞是否都具有伴隨義的特 點,以及哪些最能顯現伴隨介詞的特徵。 吳福祥(2003)提出漢語伴隨介詞語法化的類型特徵是“伴隨動詞>伴隨介詞>並列連 詞”。本計畫將檢測這樣一個語法化鏈是否適用於所有的伴隨介詞,並逐一考察每個伴隨介 詞語法化的歷程,探討誘發伴隨介詞語法化的動因與機制,以呈現漢語伴隨介詞在類型學上 的意義。 有關伴隨介詞歷時演變情形以及漢語方言中伴隨介詞的分布與用法,也是本計畫的重要 課題,期能藉此勾勒出漢語伴隨介詞的演變雛形。
The purpose of this project is to study the diachronical evolution of comitative preposition in Chinese language. A total amount of 18 kinds of comitative preposition ,“yu 於(于), yu 與, ji 及, yi 以, cong 從, ji 即, jiu 就, jiang 將, gong 共, tong 同, yi tong 與同, he 和(合), ti 替, gen 跟, xiang 向, ji 暨(眾), lian 連, sui 隨”are selected to be explored in this study. The componential and comparative analysis belonging to semantics are employed to find semantic attribute and grammatical function, and to check whether these 18 kinds of prepositions endowed with the meaning of “comitative”, meanwhile, to explore those prepositions signifying the features of comitative preposition as possible. Wu(2003)proposed the feature of grammaticalization for comitative preposition possessing the order chain of“comitative verb>comitative preposition>coordinating connection”. This study will show the order chain of grammaticalization still used appropriately in comitative preposition. Furthermore, this study will explore the history of grammaticalization for each comitative preposition, and discuss the motivations and mechanisms enable the occurrences of grammaticalization for comitative preposition, in order to yield the real meaning connecting to typology. The other important issues discussed in this study are the diachronical evolution for comitative preposition and the usage and distribution in Cninese dialects. Finally, this study will elaborate prototype for the history of comitative preposition.
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