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Title: 柳宗元「三戒」對後代寓言的影響
The Influence on Later Fables of Liu Tsung-yuan's 'San-chieh'
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 1-Mar-1999
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學國文研究所
Abstract: 柳宗元是先秦以後中國最重要的寓言家,他的寓言獨立成篇且精警生動,為中國 寓言開拓新的里程碑,對後代寓言影響深遠,而其〈三戒〉尤為膾炙人口。本文旨在探討〈 三戒〉及其影響下的寓言作品,衡諸「通變」的創作理則,比較其優劣得失。 全文除「前言」、「結論」外,共分三部分:首先就文體的新奇性、結構的統整性、故事的 生動性、寓意的普遍性四方面,分析〈三戒〉的特質,以考察其影響力的要素,其次列舉蘇 軾、姚鎔、鄧牧、方孝孺、趙撝謙、劉征等作家之寓言,勾勒其影響概況;再次就文辭運用 、題材開拓、故事內容、作品命意、行文氣勢五方面比較分析,以見〈三戒〉及其繼作的特 色與價值。
Liu Tsung-yuan plays the most important role of Chinese fabulists after Tang Dynasty, The special characteristic of his fable 'San-chieh' is that it is designed as a single fable; it is explicit, didactic and lively. 'San-chieh' is the most well-praised one of all his fables, After Liu Tsung-yuan's life time, newly invented fables were nearly often attributed to him. Most of them would certainly be current in different forms, expanded or abridged, and would be continually varied in the detail. According to the derivative writing rule, we found the value and the influence of Liu Tsung-yuan's San-chieh'. Moreover, we look forward to the achievement of later fabulists and leading the life wisdom of modern people by reading those fables. This paper includes three parts: preface, body paragraphs and conclusion. The body paragraphs make a research on three aspects: first, to analyze San-chieh's quality; second, to give a description of San-chieh's influence on later fabulist; last, to find out the characteristics, superiority, inferiority of San-chieh and the later fables which were affected by San-chieh.
ISSN: 1021-7851
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