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Title: 廣西省三江縣西南官話的語音描述
Phonetic Descriptions of South-Western Mandarin in Sanjang County Kuangxi Province
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 廣西省三江縣位於廣西省北部,與湖南、貴州交界的地方。這裡是一個漢人與少數 民族雜居的地區,語言接觸的情況很頻繁;縣城裡通用的是一種稱為「桂柳話」的西南 官話。根據當地人的語感,三江縣的「桂柳話」與桂林、柳州所說的西南官話都略有不 同。本人於2004 年暑假期間,到當地以錄音錄影的方式,收集朗讀與對話的成篇語料; 回台後將錄音加以標記,並與漢字及國際音標的轉寫連結,開始建置語料庫。目前有一 個包括27 篇由同一個發音人朗讀、全長約一小時、切分至音節層次的小型語料庫;已 利用此一語料庫對「桂柳話」的聲調及連調變化作了一些計量研究。 本計畫擬在現有語料庫的基礎上,繼續採用錄音錄影的方式,調查桂柳話的成篇語 料,收錄不同性別、年齡層的成篇語料,將原有的小型語料庫擴展為一個中型的影音同 步語料庫。另一方面擬將語料切分至音段的層次,利用聲學分析及量化統計,對桂柳話 的聲母與韻母作觀察。在重返當地調查時,擬對發音人進行聽辨實驗,並對某些特殊的 發音進行口蓋攝影及慢動作錄影。 預期此一計畫將對「桂柳話」的語音系統,由主要的傾向及變異的幅度兩方面,作 更準確的描述。標記完成的語料庫將公開分享,作為學者進一步研究桂柳話的基礎。也 希望通過此一計畫,能將各種語言研究工具用於方言調查描述的經驗加以整合,為漢語 方言的研究者提供一套有效率的調查描述工具。
Sanjang County is located in the north part of Kuangxi Province, bordered with Hunan and Guizou. This is a place where Han Chinese people are living with other minority groups, situation of language contact is very constant. The dominant language used in down town area is called Gui-liu dialect, a variety of Southwestern Mandarin. According to the intuitions of local people, the Gui-liu dialect in Sanjang County is slightly different with the Southwestern Mandarin dialects either in Guizhou or in Liuzhou. The author have been doing fieldworks in this area and collected both reading and conversation materials by recording and videotaping in summer 2004. After coming back to Taiwan, a corpus is under construction by connecting wave files with annotations of Chinese characters and IPA symbols. Amini sized corpus has been established, including 27 articles of reading materials pronounced by the same informant, about one hour length, segmented at the syllable level. Some quantitative research on tone structure and tone sandhi of Gui-liu dialect have been performed on the basis of this corpus. This project aims to expand the size of the current corpus by collecting more materials from informants of different sex and age, through recording and videotaping. It is also planed to revise the annotations into segmental level in order to observe the initials and finals of Gui-liu dialect by doing acoustic analysis and statistics.When visit Sanjang, listening experiments will be conducted, and palatograms and high-speed video clips will be taken, in order to get better understandings on certain phonetic phenomena. It is hoped that this project will make more accurate descriptions on the phonetic system of Gui-liu dialect from both main tendency and degrees of variation. The full annotated corpus will be released to the public which will provide a good basis for further research from other fields. It is also expected that we can integrate the experiences
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