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Title: 網路在中學建構教學之應用
Authors: 張世忠
Issue Date: Apr-1999
Publisher: 師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service
Abstract:      由於網路技術的成熟,網際空間可比擬是一巨大的知識庫,學習者若想於網路環境中學習,又該如何有效的、有目的且有意義地建構屬於自已的知識天空呢?本文即在於闡述個人在電腦教學上經驗,以及探索如何透過網路達到建構教學的目的。筆者是一名中學電腦教師,授課的內容為資料處理及網路系統。或許是一則經驗吧,在眾多的學習理論中,總以為建構論的學習觀較符合學習的本質。當然,並非在否定其它學派學門,相反的,不管是行為主義學派或認知主義學派,其對心理及學習理論都有一定程度的貢獻,只是個人喜歡以較宏觀的角度來檢視「學習」這歷程,適巧建構主義的學習理念頗符合個人氣質的,職是之故,藉題以發抒。
     Due to technology of network, the network space might be like a huge knowledge base. How to construct own knowledge in an effective, purposeful, and meaningful ways became an important issue, if a learner wanted to search in the network environment. The purpose of the paper was to describe a personal teaching experience in computer and examine how to arrive in the constructivist view of teaching through the network. Maybe it was an experience. The author, a high school computer teacher, considered the constructivist view teaching to be a better learning way. We did not despise the other learning theories. On the contrary, these theories could be much or less contribution to psychology and learning theory, no matter what behavior or cognitive field of learning perspective. Particularly, the constructivist view of learning was match with personal disposition, the author would like to examine the learning process in a broad view. Therefore, it was a better chance to chare with others.
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