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Title: 現代詩教學課程設計及實踐
Design and Implementation of Curricula of Modern Poetry
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 1-Mar-1997
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學國文研究所
Abstract: 本文根據「合作式教學」理念,設計了現代詩的教學課程,並將之付諸實踐;課程內容含括八個單元:(一)「詩句」的特異性與寫詩的方法,(二)意象群與意象系統,(三)詩的形式結構,(四)詩的韻律,(五)詩的主題,(六)詩的歷史與名詩人,(七)詩的批評,(八)讓詩站起來。每個單元同時設計了一些活動,試圖透過活動的方式,讓學生與教師一起共同參與教學過程,指導學生在自我學習之中及同儕相互激盪之下,一方面理解現代詩的重要質素,一方面吸收現代詩的理論知識,從而進入現代詩的創作天地悠遊,實現由「理論認知」到「完成創作」,再到「綜合鑑賞」的理想。
I have designed and implemented the curricula of modern poetry based on "cooperative pedagogy". In this thesis, I would illustrate such curricula of which contents are comprised of eight units: (1) the characteristics of verses and the method of writing poems; (2) image group and image system; (3) poetic patterns and structures; (4) the rhythm of a poem; (5) the theme of a poem; (6) the history of poetry and famous poets; (7) poetic criticism; (8) energizing the poetry. For every four units, I have designed some activities for both teachers and students to involve in the teaching process. The purpose of those activities will focus on student's self-learning and stimulation among classmates. Students will understand the key features of modern poetry; on the other hand, they will receive basic knowledge of various theories on modern poetry. For advanced study, students will be able to create modern poem. The curricula are perfectly implemented from"acknowledge of theory", to "accomplishment of creation", and finally to "general appreciation".
ISSN: 1021-7851
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