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Title: 隔絕的身體/性/愛
Isolation of Body, Sex and Love
Other Titles: 從《小團圓》中的九莉談起
Discussion of Jiuli in Small Reunion
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2012
Publisher: 國立成功大學中國文學系
Abstract: 本文集中由「身體」角度,闡發《小團圓》裡主角九莉的成長創痛、母女關係與性愛觀,藉此剖析張愛玲對於女性身體的感知與書寫。除前言以外,第二節「成長傷痛與疾病書寫」,主要論述父權家庭對於九莉封閉性格的養成;第三節「一個無所不在的注視」,寫九莉的戀母∕懼母∕怨母情結,以及母女間惡∕恨∕愧的身體接觸與感知;第四節則以「性的惘惘威脅」為題,剖析女性身體的性體驗;第五節「愛的專一想望」,析論九莉對於愛的渴望與所受傷害。本文較為著意的兩項論點,一在於提示讀者,相較於邵之雍,《小團圓》裡的母親蕊秋其實更是無所不在的存在;二在於指出,由於受到母親及社會眼光的規訓與約束,九莉對於性的態度並非全然自主而愉悅,其中也包含著冷淡與恐懼。全文最後歸結出《小團圓》裡所書寫的主題,正是在隔絕的身體∕性∕愛裡的九莉,對於親情與愛情永遠的等待。
Focusing on the concept of “body”, the article expounds on a woman’s growth wounds, the mother-daughter relationship, and the perspective of sex and love of leading character Jiuli the in Novel Small Reunion, to analyze Chang Ai-ling’s perception and writing of the female body. In addition to the preface, section two “Writing on Growth Illness and Disease” discusses how Jiuli’s reserved and desolate character develops amidst a patriarchal family. Section three “An Omnipresence Gaze” describes Jiuli’s love, fear and resentment of her mother, as well as the distress and shame associated with physical contact and perception between mother and daughter. Section four “The Threat and Frustration of Sex” analyzes the sexual experience of the female. Section five “The Single-minded Desire for Love” analyzes Jiuli’s pursuit for love and her occurring injuries after sexual encounters. The article emphasizes two points: first, the mother in Small Reunion, Ruiqiu (mother of Jiuli) is even more ubiquitous compared to Shao Zhiyong; second, due to the discipline of her mother and the constraint of Chinese society, Jiuli’s attitude toward sex is not completely liberal or joyful, but is actually desolate and dreadful. The article concludes with the theme of Small Reunion as the perpetual waiting of romantic love and family affection of Jiuli, who is ultimately isolated from body, sex and love.
ISSN: 1817-0021
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_B0126_01_078
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