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Title: 文革陰影與瘋癲書寫——余華早期小說中的身體奇觀
Writing on Shadows and Madness of Cultural Revolution: Physical Marvel in Yu Hua's Early Novels
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2010
Publisher: 中國現代文學學會
Abstract: 余華早期以文化大革命為背景的先鋒創作有中篇小說〈一九八六年〉及短篇小說〈往事與刑罰〉,本文進行其中人物所展現的身體、刑罰、暴力與瘋癲書寫研究。除前言外,文分三節:「肉身悚懼:歡與無歡的往事魅影」;「肉身懲罰:想像與現實的交相煎逼」;「肉身覺醒:在死亡中遠離瘋癲」。首節由文革往事對於人物的心理影響論述。二節主要鋪展在文革陰影的籠罩下,倖存者以想像的施刑及自虐式的刑罰,經歷往事的心理重演,其表現實為歷史肉身的銘刻。而凡此刑罰暴力的展演,卻遭到大眾冷漠的對待,現實世界裡忘卻歷史創傷的群眾,是否已形成另一種瘋癲心理?三節再由小說人物的結局安排,顯示在余華的創作意念裡,往事的提醒是必要的,否則身體終將以死亡獲得最後的救贖。
Yu Hua's early avant-garde works with Cultural Revolution as the background include a medium-length novel 1986 and a short novel "The Past and the Punishment". This paper will focus on descriptions of the body, punishment, violence and madness displayed by the characters. Besides the preface, this paper is divided into three sections: (1) Body fear: the happiness and non-happiness of the past shade; (2) Body punishment: the mutual suppression of imagination and reality; (3) Body awakening: away from madness in the death. The first section discusses how Cultural Revolution affects the characters' minds. The second section describes under the shadow of Cultural Revolution, the survivors undergo the mental repetition of the past by way of imaginational torture and masochism punishment, which is the mark of historical fresh in reality. But the public is indifferent towards all the performances of punishment and violence. In the real world, does the public who has forget the trauma of history show another kind of madness? The third section examines the arrangement of characters' ending, showing that the reminding of the past is necessary in Yu Hua's creations, otherwise the body will get the final salvation through death.
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