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Title: 黃昏、隱劍、一分-山田洋次武士三部曲中的武士道與生存美學析論
Twilight, Hidden Blade and Honor--Analysis of Bushido and Esthetics of Existence in Yamada Yoji's Samurai Trilogy
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2009
Publisher: 國立臺北藝術大學戲劇學院
Abstract: 本文首先簡介山田洋次所執導之《黃昏清兵衛》、《隱劍鬼爪》、《武士的一分》等三部武士片的故事內容,繼而分就「黃昏」、「隱劍」、「一分」等三個詞語,探究三部曲的片名其實已經蘊藏著所謂:幕末的世變時代乃武士階層的終結時代;仁勇相配、慈悲寬待敵人與止戈為武,乃江戶以還武士道之「真勇」精神;以及本質勝於形式才是患難見真情的價值抉擇。進而聚焦於《武士的一分》,說明當傳統喪失其規範性與拘束力時,傳統於是往個人的人生價值觀、情感意識、生活品味與情趣發展,堪稱是「傳統的美學化」(the estheticization of traditions),同時也發展成個人的「生存美學」(「生存藝術」 esthetics of existence)。最後則指出:山田洋次藉由此三部武道片,試圖帶領觀眾思考:「什麼是真實的生命?」 (What is bare life) 另外,三部曲的拍攝更意昧著在在地全球化 (lobalization) 潮流下,日本人對美國式,或者說是西方觀點下的「現代化」的反思,也是在呼應全球在地化 (glocalization) 呼聲時,對日本自我文化傳統、價值觀的重新定位。故山田洋次使幕末低階武士「去武士化」/庶民化,成為一個真正的「人」,或許可以視為是一種武士道的「現代化」。
This paper introduces the story of the Samurai Trilogy The Twilight SAMURAI, The Hidden Blade and Love and Honor which are directed by Yamada Yoji. By focusing on the words "twilight", "hidden" and "honor", we can know that the name of the trilogy have already show that the end of shogunate is also the end of samurai, then the true spirit of Bushido in the age of Edo is keeping the balance of kindness and courageous, and the choice of value in adversity is to take essence into account more than form. By pay much attention to Love and Honor, this paper explains that when traditions lost their own power of norm, they will promote to one's value, sensibility, relish and interest. It is the estheticization of traditions, at the same time, it is one's esthetics of existence. By the trilogy, Yamada Yoji tried to lead viewers to think that what is the bare life. Besides, the trilogy means that Japanese's introspection to American or Western modernization under the tide of lobalization. It also responds the voice of glocalization and repositions Japan's own tradition and value.
ISSN: 1813-9078
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