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Title: 從〈孔子詩論〉到《詩序》的詩教思想轉化
On the Transference of Thought about “Shijing-civilization (詩教)” Which Comes from “Confucius-Shilum” (孔子詩論) to “Shishyuh” (詩序)
Other Titles: 以〈關雎〉組詩為討論中心
Focus at “Guanjyu (關雎) ” Serial Poems in “Confucius-Shilum”
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2008
Publisher: 國立中山大學中國文學系
Abstract: 〈孔子詩論〉公布後,再次牽動有關《詩序》問題之討論,同時也為重新探究「詩教」觀念之轉化建立起新契機。由於〈關雎〉為《詩》之首,今本《毛詩》即將《詩大序》置於此詩之後,以概括說明《詩》教思想之大義,因而也反襯此詩在《詩》中的引領地位。此外,〈詩論〉對於〈關雎〉組詩的評論最為詳盡,且以不同的層次反覆闡述各詩之涵義,因而本文即先鎖定〈關雎〉組詩為討論範圍,希望透過〈詩論〉以及《詩序》對於該七首詩的詳細討論,能對《詩》教思想轉化之情形有所理解。全文之進行:在前言說明為文之動機、目的以及討論範圍之後,進入核心議題,依序討論〈關雎〉等七首詩從〈詩論〉到《詩序》的詩教思想轉化情形,最後,則以戰國偏重性情,而漢代注重風化之《詩》教思想轉化作結。
When "Confucius-Shilum" had been announced, the topic of "Shishyuh (詩序)" and "Shijing-civilization" broke out violent disputation. The first poem in "Shijing" is "Guanjyu" that accompanies with "Shishyuh" behind it. It means "Guanjyu" should be a special one. The discussion about "Guanjyu" serial poems in "Confucius-Shilum" is thorough, detailed and completely. It is worth to explore the transference of thought about "Shijing-civilization" which comes from "Confucius-Shilum" to "Shishyuh" by ways of these "Guanjyu" serial poems. This article concludes in three parts: First, make a simple preface to express the motives, purpose and discussing sequence of this article. Second, deepen into the transference of thought at these seven poems one by one and step by step: 1. "Guanjyu (關雎)": from sentiment to ritual / virtue of queen 2. "Jioumu (樛木)": prosperity and high position on time / the queen who was never jealous of other concubines 3. "Hanguang (漢廣)": the wisdom of knowing when to stop / the virtue of Wunwnag (文王) widely spread 4. "Chyehchou (鵲巢)": the equal match of marriage / the virtue of madam 5. "Getan (甘棠)": respectively compensate the kindness of Shaubor (召偺) / to praise Shaubor 6. "Luyii (綠衣)": to concern and worry the pass away / Juangjiang (莊姜) worried herself 7. "Yianian (燕燕)": the certainly genuine feeling / to send off the concubine back Third, make a conclusion: the sentiment was emphasized in Warring States / political civilization was emphasized in Han Dynasty.
ISSN: 1728-7138
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