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Title: 「臺灣『易』學史」考述初探
The History of Researches on Book of Change in Taiwan: Draft Report
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2003
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Abstract: 本文為筆者執行國科會九十一年度專題研究計畫:「臺灣《易》學史」(計畫編號:NSC91-2411-H-003-029,執行期限:2002.8.1-2003.7.31)的初步研究成果架構,擬具體而微的簡介臺灣《易》學發展史上的重要面向,並在既有的研究基礎上,更進一步探討臺灣《易》學發展史上的實質義涵。在歷史分期上,大致依臺灣三政治演進階段,分為七時期:荷蘭時期(1624-1662),明鄭時期(1662-1683),清領時期(1683-1895),日據時期(1895-1945),國府時期第三階段(1987-2003)。而在研探主題《易》學人物、《易》學文獻(包含:目錄、專書、期刊等)、《易》學論文(包含:期刊、會議及學位論文)、《易》學組織、《易》學會議(包含:國內、海峽兩岸及國際交流)及《易》學計畫等。期望透過筆者及研究助理的努力,本文能夠初步建構出臺灣《易》學史的基本整體框架。
This paper is the initial outcome of Academic Research Project 2002, No. NSC91-2411-H-003-029, funded by National Science Council (NSC) ROC. The research is carried out from 2002.8.1 to 2003.7.31. The author describes in detail the development of academic researches on Book of Taiwan can be divided into seven phases: 1)the period of Dutch ruling (1624-1662); 2)the period under the throne of Jen Chen-gong (1662-1683); 3)the period under the Ching Dynasty (1683-1895); 4)the period under Japanese ruling (1895-1945); 5)the first stage of republic government (1945-1971); 6)the second stage of republic government (1971-1987); 7)the third stage of republic government (1987 till now). The research topics and data collections are also divided into seven categories: education programs of Book of Change (including academic courses), scholars in related field, literatures (including bibliography, books, publications, etc.), theses (including journals, conferences, and theses), organizations (including domestic, overseas and international exchange), as well as projects. These efforts will become a framework to develop the history of researches on book of Change in Taiwan.
ISSN: 1019-6706
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