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Title: 榮民之大陸及外籍配偶就業福利服務規劃之研究
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學社會工作學研究所
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 根據統計報告顯示,全國約有5%左右的榮民娶大陸配偶為妻,每二十位榮民就有一位榮民娶大陸配偶,而夫妻年齡差距大(24.1歲)則是普遍現象。在日常生活中大陸配偶主要是扮演老年榮民生活照顧者的角色,有超過九成的老年榮民表示,娶大陸配偶主要目的是為了「照顧自己」或「找伴侶」。根據內政部調查報告顯示,大陸配偶與外籍配偶對日常生活適應之需求明顯不同,「就業」往往是大陸配偶最高的需求,而「語言學習」則是外籍配偶最高需求。目前大多數的研究均將大陸配偶與外籍配偶在日常生活適應與需求加以區隔討論,卻忽略大陸配偶的台配是否為榮民而可能影響其日常生活角色扮演、生活適應與就業需求之差異。本研究將以有大陸與外籍配偶的榮民及其眷屬為研究對象,深入瞭解日常生活中榮民及其大陸與外籍配偶的家庭狀況,特別是深入瞭解榮民之大陸與外籍配偶的就業需求及參與勞動市場的經驗與需求,做為未來相關單位規劃服務方案與支持配套措施之參考依據。
According to statistics, approximately five percent of veterans were married to Chinese women, implying that one of twenty veterans’ spouses is from China. Since the gap of age between veterans and their spouse is about 24 years old, their spouses play important role in providing care services in daily life. A number of studies have shown that the most need for Chinese women who are married to Taiwanese men is employment; however, few focus on difference of needs in employment between veterans’ and non-veterans’ spouses. The purposes of this study, based on qualitative research methods, are to explore the living and working experiences of Veterans’ spouse who are from China or other countries. Additionally, this study investigates employment needs of veterans’ spouse. The results of this study may provide guidelines for service planning.
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