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Title: 巢起巢落:女同志親密暴力、T婆角色扮演與求助
In the Beginning There Was a Nest: Lesbian Intimate Partner Violence, Butch-Femme, and Help-Seeking
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學社會工作學研究所
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2012
Publisher: 臺灣社會研究雜誌社
Abstract: 台灣目前仍需更多女同志親密暴力之研究。本文在一年半田野資料收集過程,訪問了十六位經歷伴侶親密暴力的女同志及四位同志運動/服務的組織工作者,以女同志為主體的觀點詮釋女同志伴侶親密暴力,思考我國家庭暴力防治政策與服務措施對多元差異需求之適當性、性別分離主義親密暴力論述詮釋女同志親密暴力的適切性,以拓展本土女性主義對親密暴力的視野。本研究發現女同志親密關係受到異性戀霸權的影響,私密與社會空間被剝奪而傾向於共同築巢。但是可遇不可求的愛巢建立後,關係仍會受到圈內與圈外其他競爭者的威脅而生變,此情境下特別容易產生親密暴力。女同志親密暴力對《家暴法》的挑戰是:通報率偏低,偏低之原因是家暴防治體系仍舊籠罩異性戀思維,未能考慮女同志身份曝光與二度傷害的疑慮。女同志親密暴力現象對女性主義親密暴力論述的挑戰:不只是男性才有暴力行為,女性也可能成為施暴者。但是女同志親密暴力不同於異性戀女性主義的性別政治論述所談的暴力,施暴者不一定是陽剛的T,也不一定是擁有權力與資源的一方。暴力類型以語言暴力居多,通常自衛形成互毆,少涉及肢體或性暴力,若有肢體暴力亦非置之死地或形成重傷害。在沒有婚姻關係約束下,當親密關係演變成暴力衝突時,分手抉擇隨之而來,少有長期受暴的情況。
This study investigates lesbian intimate violence, which is assumed to be not existent because feminists often believe that women are not socialized to be aggressive.We interviewed sixteen lesbians who experienced intimate partner violence and four helping professionals working for gay and lesbian advocacy groups. We found that due to a lack of private and social spaces, lesbians tend to cohabit. When the relationship was threatened by other pursuitors, such as other lesbians or heterosexual men, the relationship might turn sore and intimate violence take place. Beneath this dynamics underlies the subtle operation and cruel oppression of patriarchy and heterosexism. This study also provides implications for helping professional and policy makers by exploring why many instances of lesbian intimate violence are not reported. The reasons are fear of being discriminated against and the risk of exposing their lesbian identity. In addition, as the results indicate, the pattern of lesbian intimate partner violence is mostly verbal. Physical and sexual abuse is seldom and most physical abuse does not cause serious damage.
ISSN: 1021-9528
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