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Title: 親子對話與幼兒敘述能力之發展:多年期研究
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學人類發展與家庭學系
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: 本計劃採取多年期縱貫研究模式,探討(1)台灣學齡前幼兒中文敘述能力的發展,(2)幼兒敘述能力與語文能力的關係,和(3)母親引導幼兒敘述方式的變化。研究對象為十五位幼兒,男八人,女七人。初次訪談幼兒時平均年齡為三歲半,本計劃在幼兒七歲和八歲時再至幼兒家中訪談,蒐集幼兒敘述和與母親對話語料(聊天與共讀圖書),並測試幼兒語文能力。所有語料採用兒童語料交換系統(CHILDES)代碼(CHAT)轉譯編碼。相關資料用電腦軟體CLAN作初步分析,之後再作統計(t考驗,變異數分析,和相關係數分析等)以及質化分析。主要研究結果為:(1)就整體而言,受試幼兒自三歲至七歲之間敘述能力有明顯的進步,幼兒在三歲和七歲時所敘述生活經驗之故事結構,敘述觀點,和敘述順序都有顯著差異。但是幼兒之間相比,敘述能力進步之幅度有個別差異,兒在三歲時之敘述表現與幼兒七,八歲時之多種語文能力均達顯著相關,(3)幼兒在七歲時之敘述表現與幼兒七,八歲時之多種語文能力顯著相關,(4)幼兒母親在幼兒三歲和七歲時所採用的引導敘述方式有明顯之差異。本計畫之研究結果與國外相關研究之發現一致,可作為語言發展和親子互動研究,幼兒教育,和學校教學之參考。
This project aims to examine preschool Mandarin Chinese-speaking children's narrative development and maternal interactive strategies with the purpose to answer three research questions: (1) what is the growth pattern of Mandarin speaking children's narrative skills between ages three and seven? (2) what is the relationship between children's narrative competence and their later literacy performance? and (3) what interactive strategies do Mandarin mothers use in conversation with their children? Fifteen children, eight boys and seven girls, and their mothers living in Taipei, Taiwan participated in this project. The children were visited several times in the home when they were three, four, seven, and eight years old. During each visit, they were asked to tell personal narratives to the experimenter and to tell joint personal anecdotes and to read books with their mothers. When the children were seven and eight, they were administered a battery of language and reading tests, including definitions, picture description, story comprehension, receptive vocabulary (PPVT), and reading comprehension. The whole process of the interview was audio recorded. The tapes were transcribed using the Codes for the Human Analysis of Transcripts (CHAT) and analyzed under the Child Language Analysis (CLAN) software programs. Three dimensions of the children's narrative skill, i.e., narrative structure, evaluation, and temporality, in telling the personally experienced stories were assessed and analyzed. Summary of the results gained from this study are: (1) the children in general produce longer narratives and include more narrative components, evaluative devices, and temporal markers in their personally experienced stories over time, (2) there is a significant relationship between the children's narrative performance and their metalinguistic, vocabulary, story comprehension, and reading abilities, and (3) significant differences in the maternal interaction strategies across time are found. Educational implications for the results of this study were discussed.
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