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Title: 閱讀研究議題一:影響學前幼兒閱讀和書寫的能力因素分析-學前幼兒
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學人類發展與家庭學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2010
Abstract: 本研究主要目標在建構可能影響幼兒在小學時識字與閱讀理解表現的學前語文和 認知能力指標。研究方法擬採二階段進行,第一階段將就所選取可能的學前閱讀能力指 標,發展有效之幼兒語文認知評估工具,預試並檢測各工具之信效度。第二階段則進行 正式施測,個別測試120 名(男女各60 名)五歲幼兒的語文認知能力,包括聲韻覺識、口 語詞彙、語音知覺、快速念名、聲韻工作記憶、時序處理、視覺區辨與記憶、注音符號 辨識、口語敘事、和文字概念。預定在一週內完成每位幼兒的所有施測,測試過程將作 錄音和錄影。施測結果將作各能力變項間之相關分析和迴歸分析,以瞭解各能力間的關 係和各能力對閱讀可能的影響權重。本研究結果將可提供政府和幼兒教育相關人員擬定 幼兒語文教育政策、規劃課程教學和安排介入輔導方案之參考,具有重要之研究和教育 應用價值。
This study aims to find out the potential language and cognitive skills that can predict later reading abilities in Mandarin-speaking young children. Ten language and cognitive skills of young children, i.e., phonological awareness, oral vocabulary, speech perception, rapid automatic naming, phonological working memory, temporal processing, visual perception and memory, phonetic symbols (zhu-yin fu-hao), narrative, and print knowledge were selected to be measured in this study. Effective, reliable tools for assessing these skills in young children will be developed first. One hundred and twenty children (60 boys and 60 girls), aged five, will then be recruited to join the formal study. They will be asked to complete tests of these skills individually in one week and the whole process of testing will be audio and video-recorded. Correlational and regression analyses will be conducted to examine the relationship across these skills as well as the possible contribution of each skill to reading performance. Results of this project will enrich our knowledge of the connection between early language and later reading, providing important educational implications for policy making, curriculum design and a language/literacy intervention program for young children.
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