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Title: 幼兒發展資料庫先期研究
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學人類發展與家庭學系
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2013
Abstract: 本計畫為「幼兒發展資料庫先期研究」,擬以兩年的時間達成三項具體目標:(1)確定幼兒發展資料庫的架構與研究議題;(2)研發0-5歲嬰幼兒認知語言發展、社會情緒發展、身體動作發展、家庭環境品質及經驗、和家庭外教保環境品質及經驗評估工具;(3)探討0-5歲嬰幼兒各領域發展、家庭環境品質及經驗、家庭外教保環境品質及經驗之間的關係。本計畫第一年將確定研究架構與議題、研訂評量幼兒發展及照護環境之各項工具,第二年則蒐集新北市具代表性之6、12、15、24、36、54個月大嬰幼兒資料,每個年齡層100名,進行本計畫所研發的各領域發展和照護環境評估工具之可行性和信效度檢驗,且探討與幼兒發展相關的研究議題。建置幼兒發展資料庫可作為制訂國家政策,提供早期預防和早期介入服務的參考,具有重要的意義。
This two-year project is a pilot study of Taiwan Child Development Databank, aiming to (1) construct the framework of Taiwan Child Development Databank, (2) develop the tools to measure the cognitive-language, social-emotional, and motor development in young children aged from 0 to 5 and to assess the home and child care environments children are exposed to, and (3) explore the interrelationships across domains of child development, home and child care environments. The framework of Taiwan Child Development Databank, the potential research topics, and the assessment tools will be developed on the first year of this study. A representative sample of children aged 6, 12, 15, 24, 36 and 54 months old, with 100 subjects at each age group, will be recruited from New Taipei City to join this study on the second year of this project. These children and their home and child care environments will be assessed using the tools developed on the first year of this study with the purpose to test the feasibility, reliability and validity of these tools and to explore some potential topics related to child development in Taiwan. Establishing Taiwan Child Development Databank will provide evidence-based information for policy making as well as important implications for early prevention and early intervention programs for young children.
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