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Title: 親子共讀對幼兒敘說故事主角心智狀態的影響效果
Effects of Joint Book Reading on Young Children's Narration of the Mental States of Story Characters
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學人類發展與家庭學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2008
Publisher: 臺灣師範大學教育心理與輔導學系
Abstract: 本研究旨在檢視親子共讀對幼兒敘說故事主角心智狀態的影響效果。以30名幼兒爲對象,進行無字書「Frog, where are you?」故事敘說的前測、親子共讀以及故事敘說的後測。採用五個等級的計分系統評估幼兒與父母在對故事主角心智狀態和故事事件間作出因果解釋時之心智談話。本研究同時也檢視了父母於親子共讀時採取的互動類型並以問卷調查家庭中親子共讀的實施情形。主要的研究發現有三:(1)唯有父母在共讀時採取較高的錯誤表徵敘說層級之幼兒,在後測時才有較佳的心智敘說表現。(2)父母較高的錯誤表徵敘說層級與引導討論的互動類型相配合時,幼兒心智敘說表現最佳;而父母較低的錯誤表徵敘說層級加上主導描述的共讀類型,則對幼兒最爲不利。(3)親子共讀的起始年齡愈早,幼兒的錯誤表徵敘說表現愈佳。本研究證實幼兒的心智敘說表現與親子共讀的品質有關,文末提出本文在教育上的應用價值與未來研究的建議。
This study examined the effect of joint book reading on children's narration about the mental states of story characters. Thirty young children were asked to tell the story of a wordless picture book Frog, where are you before (pretest) and after (posttest) they read this book with their parents. A five-level scoring system was used to code children's and parental explanation of the causal link between the mental state of the story characters and the story events. Parental book reading styles and questionnaires about joint book reading practices at home were also examined. Three main findings were observed: (1) Children who performed better in the posttest were those whose parents received higher scores in level of misrepresentation narratives in joint book reading. (2) Children whose parents scored higher in misrepresentation level and had more discussion with their children during joint book reading showed better skill in mental state narration, but the children whose parents were more dominant and scored lower in misrepresentation level exhibited more difficulty in narrating mental states of characters. (3) The initial age of children being read to was significantly associated with the level of children's misrepresentation narratives. Educational implication of this study and suggestions for future research are discussed.
ISSN: 1011-5714
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