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Title: 托嬰機構托育現況及主管人員之專業理念初探─以台北市立案之托嬰中心(部)為例
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學人類發展與家庭學系
Issue Date: 1-Oct-2008
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學人類發展與家庭學系
Abstract: 本研究主要目的在瞭解托嬰機構之營運現況,並探究機構對嬰兒照顧之專業理念。研究者以台北市立案托嬰中心之主管人員爲對象,以深入訪談的方式蒐集資料,共取得八位主管人員之訪談內容進行分析。主要研究發現如下: 1.托嬰機構日托時數爲10~12小時;平均每月收托費用約在15000至20000元之間;機構多採分齡的嬰兒照顧模式;機構式托嬰的需求有持續增加的趨勢。 2.經營托嬰機構的原因包含個人興趣、經驗、專業背景、教育理念,以及因應市場需求和法令規範等因素;機構的嬰兒照顧重點爲建康管理、安全教育、習慣的培養等;托嬰機構的特質包括環境和照顧內容係針對嬰兒需求而設計,人力結構是團隊而非個人,照顧者毋須分心其他事務,嬰幼兒必須適應群體生活;托嬰機構對家長的影響包括提昇父母的育兒知能,緩和家長的親職壓力;對嬰幼兒的影響包括建立規律性,刺激各項發展、增加多元的學習模仿。 3.主管人員認爲托嬰機構對家庭的責任應包括給予幼兒有利其發展且安全的照顧,持續追蹤幼兒的發展,提供父母有關嬰兒照顧的協助與支持,協助父母善盡角色職責;機構人員的專業成長應包括吸取專業新知、涉獵相關知能、增強哲學與美學的素養。 4.托嬰機構對家長的探視或參與採取較多的限制和規範,認爲機構和家庭之間是合作和互補的關係;面談是雙方最有效的溝通方式;家長參與情況良好,父親參與的比例漸增。
The purpose of this study is twofold. First, it is to investigate how infant day care centers operate and what they provide for their customers. Second, it is to explore the directors' perception and belief about infant day care. Taking a qualitative research approach, this study in-depth interviewed eight directors of infant day care centers in Taipei City. The major findings are as following: (1)The infant day care centers have been operate average 10~12 hours in business for each day. The fees are NTD.15,000~20,000 per month. Most of centers group the kids by age. (2)The interviewees think that characters of center day care include spatial arrangement, structure of manpower and children's activity type. Center's caregivers can promote parents' nurturing ability and release their parental pressure. Caregivers also can help the children to establish regularity and stimulate their multiple development. (3)The staffs who work in infant day care center should keep upgrading on their professional field. (4)Infant day care centers adopt more rules and limits about parents' visit. The center and family have both cooperative and supplementary relationships. Face-to-face talk is the most effective communication way. Fathers' participation are gradually increasing than the past.
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