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Title: 幼兒托育經驗、氣質與母子依戀之相關研究
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學人類發展與家庭學系
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2009
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學人類發展與家庭學系
Abstract: 本研究主要目的有二:(1)探討幼兒托育經驗與母子依戀之關聯情形,同時考驗幼兒氣質的影響效應;(2)探討幼兒氣質與母子依戀之關聯情形。本研究對象爲61位二歲至四歲半之幼兒與其母親。使用的研究工具包括:兒童依戀行爲測量與幼兒氣質量表。獲致之主要結果如下:(1)母子依戀安全係數不會因幼兒的開始托育年齡、托育時數以及是否變更幼兒托育經驗而有顯著差異。但母子依戀安全係數會因幼兒全日托育與否而有顯著差異。特別是自出生至十二個月大連續採用全日托育的幼兒,母子依戀安全係數較低。(2)幼兒托育經驗、幼兒氣質以及母子依戀三者間達顯著關聯。在排除幼兒氣質的影響力後,仍呈現出於嬰兒零至十二個月大連續採用全日托育者,對母子安全依戀具有負向影響力。(3)幼兒氣質之活動量可以有效地預測母子間的依戀安全係數,呈負向線性關係,即幼兒的活動量愈大,母子依戀安全係數愈低。
This study based on a sample of 61 children (age range 2-4.5 years), examined (1) the relationship between parent-child attachment quality (Q-set scores) and the children's care type at infant and toddler years and (2) the association between quality of parent-child attachment and parent's report of the children's current temperament. Regarding the relationship between parent-child attachment quality and children's care experience, the results show no significant association between attachment scores and the starting point and the quantity of infant-toddler care. However, there is a statistically significant association between attachment and care type, even control for the influence of children's temperament. Children with 24-hour care show lower attachment scores, especially when the full-time care was used under age one. Certain temperament characteristic is significant factor in predicting parent-child attachment. Activity level is negatively related to mother-child attachment.
ISSN: 1025-966x
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