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Title: 高中數學教師教學實作知識之教室觀察系統的建立
Other Titles: Building Classroom Observation System of High School Mathematics Teachers' Practiced-based Knowledge
Authors: 卓益安
Yi-An Cho
Chien Chin
Issue Date: Jun-2012
Publisher: 師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service
Abstract: 本研究採用個案研究法並參的Deborah Ball 研究團隊所發展之教學教學品質( Mathematical Quality of Instruction,簡稱MQI) 的教學觀察系統來建立三位台灣高中數學教師教學實作知識的教室觀察系統。依照個案教師所教授之高二數學課程,觀察與研究的單元,包括空間中的平面與直線方式、重複組合與期望值四個教學單元,並且藉Ba助ll , Thames與Phelps (2008) 所提出"為了教學所需的數學知識(mathematical knowledge for teaching,簡稱MKT )..的架構,建立台灣高中數學教師教學實作知識的教室觀察系統來分析三個個案教師的數學實作知識及其樣貌。研究結果只呈現空間中的平面與直線方程式的編碼結果。研究顯示,個案教師所呈現的教學樣貌明顯不同。在教學中,個案教師所呈現的特殊內容知識(specialized content knowledge' 簡稱SCK) 顯現出個案教師不同的教學特性。
The aim of this study is to build the classroom observation system of high-school mathematics teachers' practiced-based knowledge by classroom observation of three cases in terms of the coding system of the mathematical quality of instruction (MQI) developed by Deborah Ball' s research group. The observed units, including the equations of plane and line in space, repetition combination and mathematical expectation, are chosen by three participant teachers. Researchersanalyzed three participant teachers' teaching practice in terms of the framework of mathematical knowledge for teaching (MKT) introduced by Ball, Thames and Phelps (2008). Results show that three high-school teachers' teaching modes are obviously different, and that their specializedcontent knowledge present different pedagogical characteristic.
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