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Title: 教師教學行為、學生學習動機對學習成效之影響
Other Titles: A Study of National Science Council Highscope Program Teacher Behaviors, Learning Motivation Impact On Learning Effectiveness: Hierarchical Linesr Model Analysis
Authors: 吳銘達
Issue Date: Sep-2010
Publisher: 師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service
Abstract: 行政院國家科學委員會科學教育發展處規劃「高瞻計畫J,以培育具備科學與新科技素養的國民。國立宜蘭高商以資訊科技作為課程主軸在高級中等學校之課程的改進與創新,並以學科整合教學,以發展學校本位課程。由於學校可說是由組識層次影響到個人層面的有機體,因此階層線性模式(Hierarchical linear model) 統計方法加以分析。本研究旨在探討宜蘭高商參與高膽計畫的學生,對於教師教學行為、資訊科技課程之學習動機與學習成效之間的影響關係。研究結果發現參與高瞻計畫的學生學習成效符合預期,也認岡教師教學行為。研究中發現到,學習動機確實能有效影響學習成效,不過教師的教學行為並無法有效影響學習成效,且亦無法影響學習動機對學習成效之間的關係。而從本研究驗證中瞭解尚有其他組織層次的變項影響著學生的學習成效。
Department of Science Education, National Science Council plan "Highscope Program" to foster science and new technology with a national literacy. NationalYilan Commercial Vocational High School improved and innovated the curriculum in Information Technology, as the main axis at secondary education curriculums, and subject-integrated teaching to develop the school-based curriculum. Each school can be affected by the organizational level, and individual level of organisms. So this study used Hierarchical linear model statistic concept to analysis. This study examined the relationships among the teaching behavior,information technology curriculum learning motivation and learning effectiveness for the students of Highscope Program students in National Yilan CommercialVocational High School. The results showed the students' learning effectiveness in line with expectations, and they agreed that teaching behavior. Study found that learning motivation can be indeed inference learning effectiveness, but teachers' teaching behavior cannot be effectively influence on learning effectiveness, and takes no influence of learning motivation on the learning effectiveness. From this study demonstrated that there are other variables of organizations levels influence on students' learning effectiveness.
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