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Title: 資訊技術的使用和政府員工對其組織效能評估之關係的研究 
Information Technology and Federal Employees' Evaluation of Organizational Effectiveness
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學社會工作學研究所
Issue Date: 1-Jun-1999
Publisher: 實踐大學
Abstract: 在目前社會,幾乎所有的機構皆已經使用資訊系統來處理其部份的業務,然而很 少有研究評估機構的資訊技術創新對員工及組織效能的影響,本研究的目的即在探討資訊技 術的使用和組織效能間的關係。 作者整合社會技術系統理論( Sociotechnical Systems approach )和再造理論( Reengineering perspective )的論點,提出一個理論架構來探 討在技術更新的過程中如何確保組織效能的提昇。此理論架構描述六個因素間的結構關係, 這些因素是:管理階層的支持,電腦所導致的工作改變,技術訓練,團隊合作,員工的工作 滿意程度,和組織效能。 本研究使用一個於1992年收集的既存資料集--美國聯邦政府員工的態度--來驗證社會技術系 統理論、再造理論和作者的理論模式的實用性。該資料集的受試者是從所有美國聯邦政府員 工中依分層隨機抽樣的方式選取而得。 從該資料集中, 作者採用七個主要政府部會內的 4,874 名員工的資料來進行假設考驗,這七個部會被選取乃是因其宗旨接近社會工作的目標 且其業務對人民的日常生活有較直接的影響。 作者使用結構方程式模式(Structural Equation Modeling)統計來驗證本研究所提出的假 設,經分析各測量變項與組織效能間的關係,結果顯示管理階層的支持程度及政府部會資訊 技術支出的多寡與員工對政府組織效能的評估有正相關,此結果支持再造理論的觀點。此外 ,技術訓練、團隊合作程度及工作滿意度與員工對政府組織效能的評估亦成正相關,這些結 果則支持社會技術系統理論的觀點。而作者結合兩個理論所提出的模式符合資料所呈現的狀 況,證實可以整合不同的理論來探討影響組織效能管理的因素。本文最後討論研究發現在理 論、研究方法與實務上的應用,並建議:1. 加強資訊技術和組織效能之關係的研究,2. 建 立一個整合組織的不同向度( Dimensions )的理論,3. 選用適當的統計方法, 及 4. 發 展組織資訊技術更新的可行策略。
In the last two decades, the federal government alone spent about $300 billion for computer systems. Because the operations of the public organizations have a significant impact on the well-being of the general public, this study examined the relationship between information technology (IT) and organizational effectiveness based on federal employees' perceptions of serving their customers. This study extends research focus of IT in organizations from the use of IT to organizational effectiveness. LISREL, a structural equation modeling (SEM) program, was used to simultaneously test the structural relationships among latent variables. The sample of this study consisted of 4,874 employees in 310 organizations within 7 federal departments. I proposed an integrated model incorporating the sociotechnical systems (STS) approach and the reengineering perspective, and then tested hypotheses derived from the reengineering perspective, the STS approach, and the integrated model to cilitate the understanding of the dynamics of IT in organizations. A respecification process was performed to explore the structural relationships among latent variables based on the proposed model. The revised integrated model was validated using a aplit sample. Results showed that advanced IT had a positive but negligible impact on organizational effectiveness. The revised integrated model revealed that employees' perceived management support was positively related to their perceptions of team work, job satisfaction, and organizational effectiveness. Employees' perception of IT-induced job change was positively related to their receiving of technology training and their perceptions of team work and job satisfaction. Employees' receiving of technology training was positively related to their perception of organizationoal effectiveness. Employees' perception of team work was positively related to their perceptions of job satisfaction and organizational effectiveness, and job satisfaction was positively related to organizational effectiveness. The findings suggest building and validating a comprehensive theory that considers different dimensions of an organization. Methodological recommendations include selecting appropriate measures for constructs and taking measurement error into account. Implications for government organizations to develop feasible strategies for successfully implementing IT are also discussed.
ISSN: 1023-2222
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