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Title: 社會發展政策統計與調查資料庫研究規劃
Planning of Social Development Policy and Construction of Statistical Survey Database
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學社會工作學研究所
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 本計畫目的係整合社會指標與網路地理資訊系統的運用,並藉由掌握各種發展指標之空間分佈與型態,輔助政策擬定者更瞭解社會資源分配在空間上的公平性、或公共設施的可及性與空間規劃等議題,以期能提昇社會發展政策擬定之效率與效能。由於社會指標涵蓋的範疇相當廣泛,包括人口與家庭、經濟、就業、教育與研究、醫療保健、運輸通信、生活環境、公共安全、及社會福利等面向。本計畫將先從教育、社會福利及治安犯罪三項著手,建構這三類指標架構的雛形,並利用電腦技術及地理資訊系統,進行社會指標的數據資料進行空間分析。
The themes of this research are twofold. One is the planning and design of a three-level social development indicator (SDI) framework, with emphasis on the social welfare indicators (SWI), crime and public safety indicators (CPSI), and education indicators (EI). The other stresses the implementation and integration of SDI with existing statistical data, including official administrative records and survey data, that focuses on the assessment of data sources and the application of geographic information system(GIS) to the construction of Social Policy Indicator Database (SPID). Both research themes are highly interrelated and multidisciplinary, aiming to reach a goal of promoting future policy-decision making efficacy in social developments. To develop the SDI indicators, the research methodology includes comprehensive literature reviews and international comparisons, in-depth interviews of experts and officials, Delphi surveys and AHP analyses. In terms of the proposed SDI, the SWI’s primary consideration includes the dimensions of welfare needs and provisions, the CPSI stresses the process and resulting phenomena of crime and public safety, while the EI focuses on the context, input, process, outcome, and specific issues of education. Based on the proposed SWI, CPSI, and EI frameworks, the research further assesses the pro and con sides of existing data and proposes the corresponding suggestions. In addition, the research integrates SWI, CPSI, and EI framework and develops SPID prototype system based on open GIS framework. In order to promote international cooperation, the research program also hosts an international conference entitled “Social Indicator and Social Development”. Detailed information and reference materials regarding the Conference are available at
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