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Title: 失業家庭的經濟生活分析--以臺灣兩次失業潮為例
The Economic Status of Unemployed Households
Other Titles: A Comparison between the Periods of 1982-1986 and 1996-2002�
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學社會工作學研究所
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2004
Publisher: 臺灣社會政策學會
Abstract: 本研究乃分析台灣兩次失業潮(第一次是1982至1986,第二次是1996迄今)對於家庭經濟面的影響,研究問題包括:(一)失業家庭在全國家庭的分佈狀況如何?(二)失業家庭的貧窮現象如何?(三)失業家庭所掌握的各類經濟資源如何?儲蓄狀況如何?(四)失業家庭的消費狀況如何?(五)影響失業家庭陷於貧窮的因素如何?主要發現如下:(一)以結構性失業為主的第二次失業潮,無論從失業家庭或戶長失業家庭所佔全國家庭百分比來看都第一次失業潮比較嚴重。且第二次失業潮影響最大的是最貧窮的20%家庭。(二)第二次失業潮的貧窮現象則有顯著的不同,失業家庭與戶長失業家庭的貧窮率皆升高,尤以後者更明顯。(三)第二次失業潮對於家戶各類所得總額也造成負面衝擊。同時儲蓄能力也大幅降低。(四)在2001-2002年,戶長失業家庭處於收支無法平衡的狀況,且在運輸交通及通訊、教育及休閒娛樂兩方面的消費較低。此外,失業的貧窮家庭其消費狀況也有顯著的差異。(五)在影響失業家庭陷於貧窮的因素方面:兩次失業潮相同的因素包括:家中兒童人數、家中老人人數、家中就業人數、家中失業人數、市場收入、來自家庭來源的所得。此外,第二次失業潮中,特別的影響變項有:家庭人數愈多,陷入貧窮的機會愈大;政府移轉所得愈多,避免陷入貧窮的機會愈大;女性經濟戶長家庭陷入貧窮的機會愈大。最後,本文提出相關的政策討論與建議。
This study investigates the economic status of unemployed households during the periods of 1982-1986 and 1996-2002. Major findings are as follows: (1) The percentage of unemployed households has increased during 1996-2002. (2) The poverty rates of unemployed households have gone up significantly during recent years. (3) Total family income and savings of unemployed households have decreased after 1996. (4) The consumption patterns and levels of poor households with unemployed workers are quite different from their counterparts. (5) The factors affecting households with the unemployed trapped into poverty include: number of children, number of elderly, number of the employed, number of the unemployed, the amount of market income as well as the amount of income from family members. In addition, it is more likely for households with larger size as well as female-headed households to be poor in recent years. Government transfers also play important roles in reducing poverty for the unemployed during 2001-2002. Finally, policy implications will be discussed.
ISSN: 1028-7337
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