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Title: 臺灣兩項全國性老人津貼的評估
Means-tests in Taiwan's Programs for the Elderly
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學社會工作學研究所
Issue Date: 1-Jan-1999
Publisher: 輔仁大學法、管理學院
Abstract: 文乃針對「中低收入戶老人生活津貼」與「老年農民福利津貼」兩種政策進行分析, 所探討的問題包括:(一)有那些因素影響到各縣(市)領取人數的差異?(二)兩項津貼對老人經濟來源的重要性如何?(三)這兩項政策對於改善老人貧窮狀況的效果如何?研究發現:(一)在各縣(市)中兩項津貼領取人數差異的影響因素方面:中低收入戶老人生活津貼與老年良民福利津貼合併來看,其領取者集中於人口老化較高的地區、鄉村型或所得偏低的地區。而單就中低收入戶老人生活津貼而言,老人是否知道此政策是一重要的影各因素。單就老年農民福利津貼而論,愈是屬於鄉村類型的縣(市),或是平均每人每月所得總額愈低的縣(市),則有愈多的老人領到老年農民福利津貼。(二)中低收入老人生活津貼與老年農民福利津貼對老人經濟來源的重要性:此兩項津貼對單身老人而言,在政府付中最重要,主要因為單身老人的所得與其他兩類老人家庭相比較低,因此較需依靠資產調查的政策。(三)這兩項政策對於改善老人貧窮狀況的效果:兩項津貼對降低貧窮率有幫助,尤其是針對單身老人而言。但對於貧窮差距的縮效果則有限。本文最後有政策性的討論。
Means-tests as applied in two of Taiwan's programs for the elderly ane examined: (1) Living Allowance for the Aged in Low-income Families, and (2) Old-age Fanners' Allowance. In the first of these programs, the main determinant of program participation rate is found to be the applicants' knowledge about the program. In the second of these programs, the two main determinants of program participation rate are found to be average income level and the percentage of population employed in primary industry. It is found that single elderly more often rely on these programs, and therefore means-tests are relatively important to single elderly. In terms of poverty reduction, these two programs are found to reduce poverty rates among the elderly, and especially he single elderly, but the reduction of poverty gaps is not dramatic. Policy implications are discussed.
ISSN: 1013-8420
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_H0801_01_009
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