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Title: 學校與社區關係的經營
Authors: 吳宗立
Issue Date: Dec-1999
Publisher: 師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service
Abstract:      在開放的社會中,學校與社區關係密切,其互動的品質經常成為學校效能的重要指標之一。學校與社區的關係,具體而言,學校促進社區的改造,社區則增進學校的發展。而學校與社區關係的規劃,主要在於學校社區化,社區學校化,並運用具體的策略,經營「我們的社區、我們的學校」,使學校與社區同步發展與進步,共創雙贏。
     In order to open our society, the school has a close relationship with the community. The quality of interaction between the school and the community hasbecame one of the indicators of school effectiveness. Concretely speaking, the relationship between the society and the community includes school's promotingcommunity innovaction and community's enhancing school development. Besides,the plan of the relationship between the school and the community mainly lies in school communitization and community schoolization in coordination with specific strategies which aim at directing "our community and our school." Thus, both ofthe school and the community will be cultivated and make a progress, by whichwe can create two wins.
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