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Title: 電弧放電應用於陽極接合速度與品質之研究
Research on Speed and Quality of Anodic Bonding by Applying Arc Discharge
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學機電工程學系;國立臺灣師範大學工業教育學系
Issue Date: 23-Nov-2007
Abstract: 陽極接合技術常被應用於微機電元件的組裝,是目前微機電製程中相當倚重的一種接合技術,由於陽極接合是利用高溫提供能量,將玻璃中金屬離子(Na+)解離,但高溫會產生熱應力的問題,也會影響晶片上的各種微小結構。所以如何找出可降低溫度或加快接合的時間,使熱的影響降至最小,是研究所追求的目標。以加快接合時間來說,電極的幾何形狀可造成不同的接合效果,原因是當通入直流電壓時,首先發生接合現象是在上電極與玻璃接觸的下方。過去曾有人使用針狀式螺旋電極排列的方式配置,雖可有效的改善接合所需的時間,但降低接合所需的時間有限,無法真正達到真正的快速接合。因此本研究提出一種新式的電弧放電接合方式,並搭配特殊電極幾何形狀的排列方式,來改善陽極接合的速度及氣泡問題。實驗結果證實,利用輻射狀線電極在定電壓900V、溫度400度C及放電間隙條件下,進行4吋晶片接合時,接合時間約為17秒,且接合良率可至99.95%左右。
Anode bonding technology commonly used in the micro-electromechanical components assembly, which is the micro-electromechanical system---which is heavily dependent on a bonding technology, the anode is to use interface for high-temperature energy, glass metal ions (Na+) dissociation, but the high temperature thermal stress will have problems, but will also affect the chip on the tiny structure. How to identify lower temperature or expediting the integration of the time, so the impact of heat to a minimum, the Institute is the pursuit of the goal. By expediting the integration time, the electrode geometry can cause different interface effects, the reason is that when leads to the DC voltage, the first occurrence of the phenomenon of the interface on the glass electrode contact with the bottom. The past has been the use of needle-electrode with a helical configuration, though to be effective in improving the interface of the time, but lowering the time required for the interface limited to truly achieve real fast interface. So this study presents a new interface of the arc-discharge method, paired with a special electrode geometry of the arrangement, the anode to improve the speed of the interface and bubbles. The experimental results confirmed that the use of radial line in determining electrode voltage 900V, 400 degree C temperature and discharge gap conditions, for a four-inch chip interface, the interface of time is about 17 seconds, and can interface to yield around 99.95%.
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