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Title: 能源國家型人才培育自由導向整合型計畫---建構節能減碳實作體驗課程計畫
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學工業教育學系
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2009
Publisher: 行政院國家科學委員會
Abstract: 本研究計畫旨在透過非制式教育的方式,配合計畫所建構之節能減碳實作體 驗課程教材、可操作式再生能源教學教具/實驗模組以及能源教育數位資源平台, 藉由師資培訓營與學生體驗營,進行教學,以提高大專院校學生與國小學生之節 能減碳素養,並建立能源相關基礎概念與能源科技知識。因此,本研究欲達成之 目標如下: 1. 編製節能減碳實作體驗課程教材。 2. 開發可操作式再生能源教學教具/實驗模組。 3. 建置能源教育數位資源平台。 4. 培訓大專院校學生成為能源種子教師。 5. 推廣節能減碳實作體驗課程,達成國小學生能源素養的提升。 為達成研究目的並增進對研究主題的認識,本研究先針對能源教育相關研究 等文獻加以探討,具體瞭解其內涵,以作為發展節能減碳實作體驗課程指標與學 習概念圖的基礎,繼而發展節能減碳實作體驗課程教材、可操作式再生能源教學 教具/實驗模組以及能源教育數位資源平台,藉由師資培訓營與學生體驗營進行節 能減碳之推廣課程,並利用問卷調查法檢視課程之成果。本研究預期在三年內完 成,依研究結果提出具體建議與結論,提供參考。
The purpose of this project is to construct the energy curriculums to cultivate the trainee of college students with basic energy-saving and carbon-reducing knowledge, through the process of learning and operating curriculums to teach primary school students. The research is based on informal education, to develop a teaching material, medium and experiment model. We expect they will practice saving energy and reducing carbon in their daily life after these curriculums. This study will approach the objects as following: 1. To develop the operating and experience curriculums of energy. 2. To develop the teaching aid / experiment model of renewable energy. 3. To develop an energy education multimedia digital platform. 4. Training the trainee of college students to become a professional teacher about energy. 5. To cultivate the primary school students with basic energy-saving and carbon-reducing knowledge. To achieve this purpose, first of all, we will analyze related references that we can develop the index and concept map of learning and operating curriculums. Then we will construct the curriculum for the trainee of college students and the primary students, meanwhile, we will use questionnaire to chasing the outcome. This research is expected to be completed in three years and we will propose the specific suggestions and results bring up by the research results.
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