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Title: iPhone之互動式行動學習系統遊戲開發計畫
Systematic Development of Interactive Learning Games for Iphone
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學工業教育學系
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2010
Publisher: 行政院國家科學委員會
Abstract: 時至今日手機遊戲的持續快速成長,市場需求的增加,整合行動裝置與資訊科技的學習環境提升,創造出一個可以讓學生彈性參與的學術領域,而這樣的教育環境必須經過更完整的整合設計、規劃、完成與評估。本專案將結合企業專業人員所提供的專業意見,同時參考本校同仁之教學經驗,共同合作研發iPhone教育系統遊戲。初步將規劃遊戲為語言學習系統遊戲,利用費式數列加乘的運用,將基本語言學習的單字片語、業界現有教材和檢定考試之內容編列為可擴充之語言學習資料庫,讓學生在互動性高且玩性強的遊戲中學習,並幫助教師課堂內容教學;同時也將iPhone遊戲資料庫技術擴展,將企業訓練教材客製化。遊戲提供了人與人間的挑戰、人與內容的挑戰,藉以激發精益求精的學習動機,本專案之遊戲則利用此「遊戲引導學習」概念,讓所有學習者可隨時藉由遊戲學習,不僅能大幅增加學習動機,也能提升學習速度,藉以推廣更有效率的新行動學習方式。
Nowadays, the rapidly development of the mobile games, the increasing of the market needs, and the learning environment which integrates mobile devices and information technology has created the flexibility for students to participate in. This kind of learning environment must be fully integrated with thorough design, planning, completion and evaluation. In this cooperated project, we invite the gaming design professionals from fields to provide their professional opinions, along with the teaching experiences from NTNU professors to develop these systematized educational mobile games for iPhone. At the initial stage, the game is based on the concept of Fibonacci Series, put the basic English vocabularies, phrases, teaching materials from English institutes in the fields, and contents of the formal English assessment tests into one extensible language learning database, so that students will be learning from highly interactive and playful games and teachers will be able to teach in class with these games as teaching materials. Furthermore, by applying and expanding the skills of iPhone gaming database, the training materials of enterprise will be customizable with company’s needs. This project is based on the concept of “Game Conducts Learning” to motivate all learners to learn at any time while playing or not playing games. Not only can increase motivations but also speed up learning process, and upon these to promote a more efficient new action of learning.
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