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Title: 迎接新世紀的教師心靈開拓
Authors: 陳雪麗
Issue Date: Aug-1999
Publisher: 師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service
Abstract:      二十世紀末,物質文明已有輝煌的成就,卻無法補足人類心靈方面的空虛匱乏與無所適從。從一九六O年代興起的超個人心理學與新時代運動,可略見人類追尋精神與靈性生活的努力痕跡。 本文試圖幫助即將邁入千禧年的教師,從繁忙的教學中理出一套清理內心的方法,所提方法以實用性為原則,觀照層面兼顧知性與感性覺察力、個人的生命哲學與教育信念的確立等。 一、長養多元知性力,維持終身學習的熱情。 熱愛新知擁抱資訊,養成終身學習的習慣,乃是教師開展多元能力的首要關鍵。讀萬卷書、行萬里路、網路學習、影片欣賞、共組讀書會、教師專業討論社群、參觀訪問、文化之旅等,均能幫助教師拓寬新知、開啟不同的視野。 二、孕育感性覺察力,尋覓內在的心靈風景 藉由個人心靈的舒展、心念與意識的轉化、各式方法的運用延伸,開發個人的感性經,孕育感性覺察力。建議方法包括:轉化時間觀念、專注此刻活在當下、覺察情緒調節心情、訴諸紙筆、靜思淨心、獨處觀心等。 三、開展獨特的生命哲學,確立不移的教育信念 運用知、行、思三者交融的原則,配合閱讀、影片欣賞等活動,佐以省思札記的撰寫,從行動研究中培養教育實踐的行動力,並發為「誠於中,形於外」的人格感召力,以凝聚教師個人獨特的生命哲學與教育信念為終鵠。 期使教師透過這些建議方法淨化自己,先具備高瞻遠矚的眼光與大開大闔的生命視野,才能引領學生探索深層的心靈世界,以開發學生的潛能與創造力,期能為下一代枯萎僵化的心靈注入新生的活力。
     During the late years of the twentieth century, the world civilization verifies the great material progress and its lack of much benefit for spiritual advancement. Since the 1960s, however, led by the New Age Movement, we see the new efforts of human beings to pursue a new mental transformation in the world. This paper attempts to help teachers develop their personal spiritual growth through understanding some essential theories and using several efficient methods. The author believes that teachers, responsible for educating the coming generation, should actively concern themselves about their own spiritual growth, especially in three aspects: (1)to be filled with strong passion for continuous learning; (2) to develop alert awareness of themselves; and (3) to build up their unique philosophy of life, and then, of education. Only when teachers may purify thier own minds and enjoy their unconditional openness, then they are able to lead their students to explore the coming generation's spiritual world, to develop creativity, and to enjoy life.
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