Packing the World Expo as Tourists' Global-Mega Event: Analyzing the media and package tour as the intermediate mechanism of tourist attraction-making

Lai, Chia-ling
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Mega-events, such as World expos, have received new academic attentions in tourism studies. However, current research emphasis more on the host city’s space transformation and its attraction-making, than on its temporal effects and intermediated mechanisms engaged through media and package tour in attracting visitors. Based on the current debates on the World expos as global mega-events, this research thus analyzes how a global event performs its social impact through the ‘temporal intensified’ tourist attraction-making, by analyzing the attractions made by multiple media coverage and package tour designs. On the one hand, the multiple media coverage not only emphasizes on the spatial and spectacle of the world expo, but also concerns the delicate temporal sequences of reportage. On the other, the general media representation and the design of package tours all surround the selection and organizing the destination within limited visiting time, which create specific ‘temporal intensified’ experience for visitors. Taking the 2010 Shanghai World Expo as the case study, this research emphasizes on its attraction-making that target at visitors in Taiwan. On the one hand, it will firstly analyzes how the Shanghai World Expo has been made a tourist attraction for visitors in Taiwan, from the general media representation, package tours’ itinerary designs in Taiwan. The selection of sites, the suggestion of visiting times and routes, as well as the emphasis of touring cultural contacts, will be the focus of analysis. On the other hand, it will analyze the tourists’ practices and reflexive thinking about the Expo ‘s attraction-making through the media and the package tour design, by in-depth interviews with different tourists according to their social categories and travel types.