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Title: 巴代伊的《情色論》譯注計畫(Georges Bataille, 《L'Erotisme》, Paris: Minuit, 1957)
Translating Georges Bataille's 《L'Erotisme》From French into Chinese
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學歐洲文化與觀光研究所;國立臺灣師範大學翻譯研究所
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 本計畫擬以兩年時間譯注法國思想大師巴代伊(Georges Bataille, 1896-1962)一九五七年討論情色的經典作品《情色論》(L』Erotisme)。巴代伊的情色觀是其一生思想的結晶與縮影。情色不但與巴代伊整個人生觀有著密不可分的關係,甚至成為其所楬櫫之異質理論的縮影。二十世紀後期,透過後現代主義/後結構主義者的引介,巴代伊這位「過度與踰越哲學家」的作品不但已成為另類行動者的靈感來源,且是極端脫軌行為合理化的理論根據。巴代伊思想中如「踰越」(transgression)、「耗費」(expenditure)、「過度」(excess)、「異質」(heterogeneity) 等顛覆性較強的觀念,更紛紛被以批判傳統為己志的學者所挪用。令人遺憾的是,許多學者雖然熱衷於巴代伊「踰越」等觀念的顛覆潛力,但面對他作品中與「踰越」息息相關的情色思想卻往往避重就輕;他們雖然口口聲聲巴代伊的理論與其小說創作密不可分,但對其令人側目的情色小說卻總是有意無意地視若無睹。筆者有鑑於近年來國內學術與社會風氣丕變,正色嚴肅地討論情色問題時機已然成熟,因此特別提出此一譯注計畫。
This two-year annotated translation project intends to translate Georges Bataille』s L』Eotisme (1957) from French into Chinese. The notion of eroticism is essential to the life and thoughts of this French 「philosopher of excess and transgression.」 Through the introduction and discussion of postmodernists and poststructuralists, Bataille has become an inspiring figure for radical thinking in the West and all over the world in the late twentieth century. However, while his celebrated notions of transgression, expenditure, excess and heterogeneity have been widely welcomed and adopted by critical thinkers and subversive activists, his notion of eroticism and his erotic novels have been deliberately neglected and overlooked. Given the transgressive nature of Bataille』s eroticism, this deliberate 「averting the gaze」 of eroticism is highly significant and even ironic to say the least. With the Chinese translation of L』Erotisme, Chinese readers will for the first time have the opportunity to be exposed to Bataille』s fantastic and philosophical erotic universe.
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